White Day in Korea

On Valentine's Day, boys and men are usually given presents in Korea. Girls and women give their crush, their boyfriend or their partners and husbands chocolate or other small, sweet presents as a token of their affection and love.

One month later, on March 14th, the men can reciprocate the women. Because now they can bring joy to their female partners and give them gifts in return. Popular gifts here are chocolate, teddy bears, jewellery and everything else a woman's heart desires.

Where does the name "White Day" come from? In the beginning, white marshmallows or white chocolate were the most popular gifts on this day and that's where the name comes from. Black chocolate for men on Valentine's Day and white chocolate for women on White Day. Isn't that romantic?

Incidentally, White Day is not only celebrated in Korea. In Japan, China and Vietnam, too, the female partners receive gifts on this day.

Tags: K-Culture

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