What's the deal with K-Beauty?


K-Beauty (short for Korean Beauty) stands for everything revolving around South Korean beauty, skincare, cosmetics and make-up. This includes South Korean cosmetic brands, trends, habits, routines and beauty ideals. So much for the dictionary definition… There is a lot more behind these 7 letters!




K-Beauty: everything related to South Korean skincare, cosmetics and make-up. That includes South Korean cosmetics brands, trends, habits, routines and beauty ideals.


K-Beauty has not become a worldwide phenomenon by itself. There are three other elements of the Korean culture that have helped K-Beauty to rise: K-Pop, K-Drama and K-Society.

K-Pop stands for South Korean pop music. The stars of the K-Pop scene set the tone for make-up trends in Korea. Therefore, K-Pop singers and bands are often used as models for Korean cosmetic brands.

You can think of K-Drama as South Korea's version of Hollywood. Korean actresses are known for their flawless skin and therefore set the beauty standards of the country.

Last but not least, in Korea we are dealing with a population that is generally very fashionable and trendy. The beauty trends and look that emerge from the K-Pop and K-Drama scene are fast to be seen on the streets of Korea. Beauty is a cult in the K-Society.


How did K-Beauty make it to Germany? Through a phenomenon called K-Wave. K-Wave (한류, hal-lyu) refers to the worldwide spread of South Korean culture, including K-Pop, K-Drama and K-Beauty. The K-Wave started already in the 90s in neighbouring Asian countries like Japan and China. In recent years, the Korean wave has "flooded" America and Europe. K-Pop stars like Psy and BTS are conquering the ears and hearts of international fans. There are more and more K-Dramas available on Netflix. K-Beauty products are now also found on the shelves of our perfumeries and drugstores. And we are sure: This is only the beginning!



These five qualities of K-Beauty have convinced us and inspired us to unveil and share with you the secrets of Korean skincare:


Koreans are not afraid to put a lot of time and effort into their skincare. Spending up to 90 min on skincare each morning and evening while using 10 and more products? Koreans say: "Of course!" We say: "Respect!"


It never gets boring in the K-Beauty world! Trends and products emerge on a weekly basis. Because Korean consumers are demanding, eager to experiment and eager to try out the latest trends from their favourite K-Stars, Korean brands are urged to always be innovative in order to stay competitive.


It does not take words to prove that Korean skincare actually works. Just look at the porcelain skin of the Koreans: clear, smooth, wrinkle-free and poreless. How is that possible? With some commitment and the right K-Beauty products! Because these are packed with effective ingredients and together with the right application methods, the #skingoals are within reach!


There is something for everybody! K-Beauty does not exclude anyone, because there are suitable products for young and old, female and male and everything in between and above. Another thing we find impressive: The comparably wide assortment of beauty products for men. Many Korean brands carry a large number of skincare products as well as make-up for boys and gents.


Surprising textures, cute packaging and practical application invite you to have fun with skincare and make-up. Duty turns into enjoyment! After all, the motto "skintertainment" - a mixture of skincare and entertainment - is one of the principles of K-Beauty.


As you can see there is a lot to discover. In the exciting colourful K-Beauty universe it’s easy to lose track. Don’t worry though, because we got you! With glimyu you can pamper your skin with the best of the K-Beauty world - and all without any Korean language skills!


K-Beauty stands for: passion, innovation, effectiveness, diversity & fun!



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