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We love K-Beauty and this goes to all of you who share this love with us: As experts for Korean skin care we’ll give you the answers to questions like: How does a skincare routine work? What should I pay attention to when it comes to correct skincare? And what are the active ingredients behind the magic of my little beauty products?

We also provide you with lots of tips and tricks for your #skingoals! Because we all want it - perfect skin. The glimyu team is always on the lookout for the latest trends from Korea and around the world. That's why we started the GLIMBLOG: a diary that revolves around K-Beauty. With behind-the -scenes insights of glimyu and the international beauty world, you’ll always be up-to-date when it comes to everything beauty and skincare related!

If you do not want to miss anything, follow us and visit the GLIMBLOG regularly. This is what will await you here:




Here you will find all the news about our brand and our products. Be the first to see new glimyu products popping up. Ever wanted to know how products are made and how the product ideas come about? In the GLIMNEWS you get the behind-the-scenes insights!



Of course we’ll inform you about everything worth knowing from the K-Beauty world. Learn a little bit more about Korean skincare everyday and find out how to put this knowledge into your own routine. We also show you the latest trends from Korea, the coolest grooming tricks and uncover sweet beauty hacks from Korean celebs.



K-Beauty is part of the Korean culture that inspires and delights us. Even if K-Beauty is our focus - we also love K-Pop, K-Drama, K-Style and K-Food. In this section you will find exciting stories about Korea, the people and the lifestyle there.



There is always something new to discover in the beauty world. Trends come and go faster than you can say "K-Beauty"! It's not easy to keep up. What is happening in the beauty scene right now? What's up with the latest beauty hype? Where does this trend come from? Should I join the trend? Questions about questions ... and the answers are with us.



You want to know what's really in your beauty products? In the glimyu Skincare-pedia you will find everything worth knowing about the ingredients of your products. But don’t worry - we won’t put you through some boring chemistry classes! Instead, we give you all the necessary explanations in easy-to-understand language. What does Aloe Vera do for your skin? Why is ginseng in many K-Beauty products? You will also find practical tips on the subject of skincare, e.g. dos and don'ts when applying skincare products.



If we are not in the glimyu lab to prepare new products for you, then you can find us at beauty and K-Culture events. In this section you will find reports about what we have taken from these events, and whether it is worthwhile for you to check out these events at the next opportunity!

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