Under the Mask - 6 Make-up Tips

You probably know this situation: You get ready as usual and your make-up is flawless. Now you head out of the house and you put on your protective mask. So far so good. You arrive at your destination and take off the mask. And there we have the problem. Half of your make-up has rubbed off on the mask. A visible make-up-free line runs across your face. Your lipstick has disappeared from your lips as well. What a mess! We have 6 tips for you today so that something like this won't happen to you in the future.

Tip 1: Fix it

Use a fixing spray or transparent setting powder to fix your make-up. It is best not to apply the mask immediately after applying your make-up, but wait a good minute until everything is fixed in place.

Tip 2: Color correcting

With the help of color correcting you get an even complexion without the use of any concealer or foundation. So get yourself e.g. a color correcting palette. Use the green shade to even out redness around the nose. Use the yellow shade to minimize dark circles or pigmentation spots.

Tip 3: Look me in the eye

If you want to go for an expressive and bold look, then focus on your eye make-up and take it easy on the rest of the face. After all, the mask does not cover your eyes, but actually emphasizes them. Korean girls like to do their brows, apply some brown eyeshadow and top it all off with some glitter accents. Quick and easy to do and makes your eyes shine bright like a diamond!

Tip 4: Less is more

Suppose you don't want to omit any step in your make-up routine. Then the rule of thumb is: Less is more. Apply your foundation as thinly as possible or even switch to a tinted day cream. The thinner the layer, the less make-up can rub off on the mask.

Tip 5: Transfer-proof textures

Liquid or creamy textures are less likely to transfer to the mask than powder textures. So preferably choose a liquid blush instead of a powder blush. Lip tints are the best choice for the lips, because they temporarily tint your lips so that hardly anything comes off during the day. Otherwise there are also lipsticks that are kiss-proof. Those also have lower probability of rubbing off on your mask. When it comes to face products, quickly absorbing and matte textures are the way to go.

Tip 6: Tone-up creams

For the fairer ones among you, tone-up creams are the ultimate solution. Tone-up creams are basically moisturizers that optically lighten the skin and thus even out the complexion. They have no skin-colored pigments like foundations and therefore do not leave any traces in the mask. Conveniently, many of them also have built-in sun protection with an SPF factor. No wonder, that they are an absolute must-have in Korea!

Ultimately, the very best solution is to just don't wear makeup. Skin first, make-up second. This motto has never been more appropriate. So skip make-up whenever you can. That way nothing can rub off and your skin also appreciates the occasional break from make-up.


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