Top 5 K-Beauty Skincare Gamechangers

If you’re new to the K-Beauty world and need some recommendations on which products to get first – the following 5 are worth a try! And to all the K-Beauty fans out there – what are your top picks or products you (and your skin) just can’t live without anymore?


We are the biggest fans of sun protection products that are made in Korea. Though sunscreens from Korean brands have always been the best of their kind, they still keep improving. Latest launches boast the highest wearing comfort thanks to a weightless, non-sticky and fast-absorbing formula. White casts or that typical sunscreen scent are also a thing of the past. On top of that, Korean sunscreens are now loaded with caring benefits to not only protect your precious skin from the sun but also cater to various skincare needs. And let’s not forget about the fun diversity of textures – from watery lotions to transforming gels and cooling sticks. Everything about Korean sunscreens is designed to make you WANT to apply (and reapply) it without it feeling like a pesky task.

Pimple patches

One of the great advantages of pimple patches are their practicality. Just stick them onto the pimple and they’ll do the rest of the work! The adhesive side is coated with acne-treating ingredients that help reduce redness and swelling. The healing process of your pimple will be less painful, and you’ll experience less scarring and hyperpigmentation. Latest versions are so thin that they visually disappear into the skin, and you can even apply make-up on top of them. Otherwise, you can also wear them out in public without make-up and they’ll give you a settle blurring effect that makes the pimple stand out less. To accommodate to pimples of various sizes, some Korean brands now offer patches in various sizes, too.

Sheet masks

Needless to say, one of our holy grails in K-Beauty are sheet masks. We’ve been hooked since the very first one we applied and are grateful to see that Korean brands keep coming up with new versions, new ingredients and new formats. There’s simply no better way to spoil your skin with a good load of caring ingredients and nutrients in just 15 minutes. Make the best out of each sheet mask by applying the remaining serum to other parts of your body, and also applying the sheet mask to your neck after you’ve finished your face treatment.

Peeling pads

Another product which impressed us due to its practicality. Peeling pads are basically thin cotton wipes soaked in an exfoliating formula. Every time your skin needs a gentle but highly effective peel, take one or two pads out of the jar and wipe it across the face to remove dead skin cells and impurities. It’s highly satisfying to see all the gunk removed from your skin ending up on the pad. Popular ingredients used in those pads are AHA, BHA and PHA.

Face mists

While face mists or sprays are slowly making their way into the Western skincare market, they’re still far from the ones we know and love from Korean brands. The sheer variety and diversity of Korean face mists is impressive. And even though they’re so easy to apply (just spray it on!), their efficiency nowadays easily compares with essences or serums. Latest launches are packed with the most innovative and effective ingredients and come with advanced spraying mechanism that allow the finest of fine mists. Again the practicality is a huge plus. Face mists are perfect for on the go, on the plane, on the desk or in the bag. You want to introduce a new ingredient into your routine without breaking the bank? Try to find it in a face mist! That way you can see if your skin likes the new ingredient before committing to a pricey serum or ampoule.

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