This is what your skin never gets tired of: hydration

Is there a key to eternal youth? The K-Beauty answer to this is: Yes, namely hydration. Korean actresses are proof of that. They owe their perfect skin to beauty hacks that revolve around hydration. If we look at the lifestyle of a typical Korean family, we find many elements that help to maintain the moisture of the skin. For example, Korean homes often have humidifiers. Koreans also like to carry around facial mists for a hydro-boost on the go. For a more intensive moisture surge a sheet mask is applied every day. At night, a sleeping mask maintains the skin’s moisture. And of course drinking lots of water is a given.

Another proof of the importance of hydration are the K-Beauty trends. Glass skin, honey skin, dewy skin and Co. all describe moist (or even wet), plump, radiant and youthful skin. Even the famous skincare techniques like the infamous 10 step routine or the 7 skin method share the same goal: to maintain or increase the skin’s moisture level. Last but not least, every good K-Beauty skincare product has (at least) one moisturizing active ingredient.


Korean for skincare lovers:

촉촉 (chok-chok) make-up: This winter the K-Beauty make-up trend you need to know is chok-chok make-up. In Korea people use „chok-chok“ to describe something plump and moist. For this make-up look, hydrated, glowing baby skin is in the focus.


When it comes to hydration more is more. However, depending on your skin type, you should be aware that there are different ways to hydrate the skin. Some textures or ingredients may be more suitable for your skin than others. For oily skin, it’s better to resort to lighter textures, e.g. a gel-like moisturizer with Aloe Vera. If you have combination skin, you can apply a light serum to the dry areas in addition to the gel-like cream. For dry skin, a facial oil is a good match. At night, you can try to apply a thicker layer of sleeping mask to prevent moisture loss during sleep.




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