The Travel Beauty Trend

The travel beauty trend has started a couple years ago and is still on the rise. The trend is a result of people becoming more and more nomadic. Settling down is no longer a life goal for many of us. Instead, we love to be on the go, travel the world to discover new things and discover ourselves. Many industries - including the beauty industry - have recognized this attitude and have adjusted their product and service offer accordingly.


Where do you see this fusion of beauty and travel? Some beauty players have collaborated with airlines to offer spa sessions and other beauty treatments at airports or on-board. Many beauty brands are offering travel-friendly kits and hand luggage-friendly mini products. Bloggers vlog their journeys and share their travel beauty hacks with their followers. Besides tips on how to smartly pack all your beauty products, in-flight beauty hacks are on high demand. In Korea, in-flight beauty is also a big topic. Korean celebrities are masters of in-flight beauty, because they are constantly on the plane. Their fans love to hear about how their star’s on-plane beauty routine looks. And by the way, it’s not just about beauty. Fashion also plays a huge role. The media and public enjoy seeing the airport fashion of the stars. So paparazzi are usually everywhere when a star is about to board the plane. The best looks usually showcase how to look chic yet very comfortable.


Anyways, let’s get back to beauty! Read on to learn some of our favorite hacks - so you can maintain that flawless glow even in airplane mode!



Reduce your routine to a minimum.

Especially when your trip is not very long - let's say 1-5 days - you may want to reduce your skincare routine to a minimum. What you could skip for instance: If you have a rich multi-purpose moisturizer, skip the serum, ampoule or facial oil. If you have a lightweight day moisturizer, skip the night cream and just apply the day moisturizer generously at night (only works if your day cream doesn’t have SPF). This way you can go from a 10 step to a 3-5 step routine. An extra tip on how to smartly pack your beauty goodies: In your head, go through each step of your usual beauty routine. Then pack the products according to each step of your routine. That way you can be sure that you won't forget any crucial product.



Make your skin feel at home.

You've hoarded a ton of sample-sized products and think now is the time to bring them all and use them up? Saves you the whole struggle of filling your usual products into small containers or buy travel-size versions of them. For some of you this may work and essentially it's a smart way to use samples. BUT - this trick may not work for all of you. Your skin is exposed to extreme conditions and stress when you travel. Think of the dry and cold air on a plane, extreme weather conditions in places you may visit etc. So often times all your skin wants is at least the comfort of the products it's used to. If you slather on new products that you've never tested before, your already stressed skin may react badly to them. Plus, the random samples you brought may not have the same effect of the well crafted routine you go through at home. So before taking too many risks, you may want to pack your usual beauty products after all.



No make-up on the plane.

Getting back to the airport look of Korean celebrities: Did you know that the K-Stars usually come to the airport with make-up on (they gotta look good on those paparazzi shots), and then take their make-up off on the plane? Especially for long flights, that’s a good thing to do. The air inside a plane is not the best. In fact, it’s quite bad. It’s dry and cold. So it’s already quite rough for your skin to cope with that. If you have heavy make-up on, it’s even more difficult for your skin to breathe and relax. Plus, make-up just doesn’t last very long up there. Soon it starts to cake up and you’ll get off the plane looking everything else but fresh and chic. Bottom line: Better remove your make-up as soon as you board the plane. Then treat your skin to a short but effective skincare routine. Just apply some toner, a good moisturizer and some spritzes of a facial mist. A little tip: You can re-apply the facial mist whenever you feel that your skin needs a little refreshment.



Sheet masks for the win.

We simply love them for travelling. And by the way, worldwide famous K-Pop group BTS also loves them! Sheet masks barely take any space away in your hand luggage. Yet, they're able to give your skin a full load of moisture and nutrients. When to use them? If you're on a long flight, you should use them on the plane. If you're afraid your seat neighbors could be too creeped out by the sight, then wait until the lights are dimmed and everyone's going to sleep. Otherwise you can always apply it in the evening, in the comfort of your hotel room.



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