The chok-chok make-up trend

Koreans are all about that chok-chok when it comes to their ideal skin condition. But what is that strange sounding word? Chok-chok (촉촉) doesn't have a direct English translation. It's a word formed from the sound that you hear when you lightly tap your skin with the fingers. Your skin is supposed to make that chok-chok sound when it's moisturized, plump and bouncy. The term is also used for skincare products that have a bouncy gel texture and give high moisturization to the skin.

So much about the definition of chok-chok. In recent months a make-up trend with the same name has popped up. Many Korean beauty bloggers have uploaded a tutorial on how to achieve that chok-chok look especially during the winter. We believe that this look is also great for spring. After all, your skin can always use a bit of that chok-chok glow!

Here's how to get chok-chok skin:

1. After cleansing, make sure to apply your favorite toner. That gets your skin ready for the moisture bomb it's about to receive.

2. Use a moisturizing sheet mask and look forward to plump, bouncy chok-chok skin in about 15 minutes.

3. Remove the sheet mask and lightly pat in the remaining serum. Go ahead and tap your cheek with your fingers to test if your skin's making that "chok-chok" sound! :)

4. Now apply your make-up. Your foundation should apply effortlessly and smoothly since you just created a perfectly moisturized canvas. An extra tip: If you feel like your foundation is too matte, add some serum or moisturizer to it. And there you have your DIY serum foundation.

5. If you need it, lightly set your make-up with powder. An option to further enhance your chok-chok glow: Set your face with a facial mist.

And there you have it: 5 steps to k-beautiful chok-chok skin and make-up!


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