The beauty hacks of the K-Stars

Acting talent is not the only must-have for success for the K-Drama and K-Movie stars. Flawless skin is a must as well! Korean actresses are expected to look good with make-up - but more importantly without makeup! "No wrinkle, no pore - how does she do that?" "How can she look like 20 when she’s 50?" "Wow, she looks just as beautiful without makeup!" "OMG, these are #skingoals!" K-Stars are constantly hearing comments like that from reporters and fans - and we can only agree! Some of these stars have revealed their beauty secrets in interviews and we got them all for your here:

  • Kim Hee-Ae (actress, 51): When looking for examples of k-beautiful skin, she will appear at the top of your search results. Kim Hee-Ae is known for still looking as youthful and beautiful today as she was at the beginning of her acting career in the 1980s. Her secret: consistency. She has been swearing by the same beauty products for years and applies them without exception every day. In addition to this basic routine, she adapts some care steps to her current lifestyle. For instance, if she’s spent a day under the sun, she uses whitening products in the evening to avoid sunspots and preserve her fair complexion. One of her favourite products is transparent cream masks. Unlike with sheet masks, she can apply the cream mask and go about household chores without any worry. She also pays attention to a healthy diet by avoiding fast food and too spicy or too salty food.


  • Go Hyun-Jung (actress, 47): This actress is a true K-Beauty pro, having even released her own beauty book called Go Hyun-Jung's Texture. Go Hyun-Jung is extremely methodical and accurate when it comes to her care routine. She cleanses her face for a full 15 minutes. She massages her cleanser from the ears, to the chin and then upwards to the rest of her face. Next she applies her skincare products to the centre of the face, then spreads them out on the cheeks, chin and forehead. When she sees a pimple coming, she washes her face with salt water. That disinfects and cleanses the skin deeply and often prevents the emerging of pimples.


  • Lee Sa-Bi (actress, 41): Lee Sa-Bi has taken over a beauty hack from her mother: She likes to wash her face with rice water. What exactly is meant by rice water? Before cooking rice, it is usually washed 2-3 times. During the first wash, the water is dumped away. The second and third wash water is collected and used for facial cleansing. Rice is known for its clarifying and lightening properties and also has an anti-aging effect. No wonder that besides Lee Sa-Bi a lot of Koreans trust in this trick to maintain #cloudlessskin.


  • Ha Ji-Won (actress, 40): Ha Ji-Won is one of Korea's most famous actresses. She has starred in top K-Dramas such as Secret Garden and Hwang Jini. Ha Ji-Won follows a very special rule in her routine: the 3 second rule. This rule states that you should not even leave your skin dry for 3 seconds. After cleansing the face, she has her toner ready to instantly moisturize her skin. She also does not use towels to dry her face after cleansing. Instead, she taps the remaining water into the skin. Another fact as proof of her skincare passion: She has her own skincare brand called J.One.


  • Song Hye-Kyo (actress, 37): Here's another actress who is one of the VIPs in the K-Drama scene. Autumn in My Heart, Full House and Descendants Of The Sun are just a few of the series in which she has shown true acting talent. Song Hye-Kyo owes her perfect skin to a combination of clean diet and clean skincare. She swears by "clean" organic, natural and healthy ingredients in her diet and also in her beauty products. For example, she makes herself a mask of egg white and honey every 3 days and washes her face with pure milk. In addition, she massages her face with ice cubes in the morning to avoid puffiness and to tighten the skin.


  • Jun Ji-Hyun (actress, 37): Jun Ji-Hyun is also a name you should know as a K-Drama and K-Beauty lover. My Love From Another Star and Legend Of The Blue Sea are two of her best-known TV series. Jun Ji-Hyun trusts in the "from lukewarm to cold" rule. When washing her face, she used lukewarm water first and then finishes off with a few splashes of cold water. While some of her colleagues rely on long minutes of cleansing, Jun Ji-Hyun prefers an express cleanse. That way she tries to protect her dry skin from getting irritated.


  • Park Ha-Na (actress, 33): Park Ha-Na is a fan of sheet masks and always has them ready - in her fridge! A cool sheet mask not only provides the skin with moisture and nutrients, it cools the face down and additionally reduces puffiness. That's why she likes to grab a mask in the morning. For the absolute dewy skin look, the actress uses a facial mist after the mask.


  • Moon Chae-Won (actress, 32): Moon Chae-Won swears by a miracle ingredient: green tea. She regularly makes green tea masks. For this she just dips cotton pads in green tea and puts them on her face like a sheet mask. Moon Chae-Won also always carries around a facial mist to refresh her complexion throughout the day.


3 K-Beauty principles: Many of the mentioned K-Star hacks are based on the 3 K-Beauty principles. Here’s a quick reminder for you:

  1. Light to heavy: Always start your routine with the product that has the lightest texture. Then work your way up to the product with the heaviest/thickest texture.
  2. Upward and outward: Always apply your products to the center of the face, then massage them into the skin in upward and outward motions.
  3. Lukewarm to cold: Always use lukewarm water when cleansing your face, then finish off with a few splashes of cold water.


Korean actresses are admired for looking no year older than 20 even though they’re 30 and older. They owe to a healthy diet, plenty of sports, a well-thought-out skincare routine and a few clever beauty hacks. But there’s a trick or two we can also learn from the younger K-Pop stars. Although most of them are in their teens, we see nothing but #cloudlessskin. No pimples, no pores, no hyperpigmentation. How the boys of BTS and the girls of Red Velvet manage this, you will find out below:

  • BTS (K-Pop boy band, 21-25): The boys from BTS show us that skincare is not just on the agenda of Korean girls. Since they are constantly on tour and spend a lot of time on the plane, they put a lot of emphasis on in-flight skincare. Sheet masks are a must-have for them. Because you can easily apply it on the go. Since the air inside a plane is particularly dry, they use a more intense moisturizer on the plane and make sure to drink plenty of water.


  • Red Velvet (K-Pop girl band, 19-27): For the girls of Red Velvet, proper cleansing of the face is everything. Make-up must be removed at the end of the day, no matter what! Even if they have a packed schedule and would love to just fall asleep as soon as they get home (who does not know that problem?), they make sure to thoroughly cleanse the face before going to bed. Their skin will thank them for that later on.


  • Suzy (K-pop singer & actress, 24): Suzy is the beauty ideal for many young girls in Korea. She follows the "424" rule for facial cleansing. She massages a cleansing oil onto her face for 4 minutes to get all the make-up off. This is followed by 2 minutes of foam cleansing. She then rinses her face with water for 4 minutes. This method ensures that she thoroughly cleanses her skin every day. Quite time (and water) consuming - but the result speaks for itself!


  • Gyuri (K-pop singer & actress, 30): In Gyuris beauty routine, sun protection plays the main part. Sun exposure are one of the main causes of skin aging. Therefore, Gyuri ensures that she does not only wear sunscreen under the sun, but also when the sky is overcast and even in the house.


Now you know some beauty secrets from the K-Stars. The glimyu team has tried some of the hacks for you and here's our verdict:

  • "Bye-bye towel!" Like Ha Ji-Won, we ditched the towel for 1 month. Instead of drying off the face with a towel, we padded the remaining water into the skin with the palms of our hands. Doable? Yes. In the beginning you tend to get water everywhere, but after some time we had the hang of it. If necessary, you can also lightly dab the face with a fresh cotton pad or handkerchief. Does this hack make sense? Yes. After all, the towel always hangs in the bathroom, where bacteria can accumulate on it. And you certainly do not want those on your face!


  • "Go with the green tea!" We have tried the green tea mask of Moon Chae-Won and we love it! Doable? Absolutely! Because the mask is so easy to do: Prepare a cup of green tea and let it cool down a bit. Then dip cotton pads into the tea, squeeze them out lightly and put them on the face for about 15 minutes. Does it make sense? Yes! Because green tea is loaded with antioxidants and therefore has an effective anti-aging effect. Small extra tip from us: Put the homemade green tea masks in the fridge for an additional soothing and cooling effect.


  • "From lukewarm to cold!" Jun Ji-Hyun swears by one of the three K-Beauty principles: "From lukewarm to cold". After massaging the cleanser into the skin, you rinse it all off with lukewarm water. If needed, go ahead and exfoliate your skin. And finally, rinse everything away with some splashes of cold water. Doable? Definitely. To adjust the water temperature it just needs a little turn on the tab. Does it make sense? Yes! Warm water stimulates the pores to open. This makes it easier to remove dirt. Cold water closes and shrinks the pores again.


  • "Mask every morning!" Park Ha-Na keeps her sheet masks in the fridge so she can give her skin a moisture kick every morning. This skincare hack is called "paek-su" (팩수, water pack) in Korea. Instead of going through the entire 10+ steps routine in the morning, many Koreans only apply a sheet mask. Doable? Yes indeed! Put on the mask immediately after getting up while preparing your outfit or breakfast. After 15 minutes you can wipe off the remnants of the mask essence with a damp cotton pad. A cool hack? We think so! The "paek-su" method saves a lot of time and the skin feels clean and plump afterwards.


Korean for skincare lovers:

팩수 (paek-su): Instead of undergoing a 10+ step skincare routine in the morning, many Koreans opt for a sheet mask. They literally just put a good load of moisture on their faces – hence the name “paek-su” (water pack).



  • "Mask in flight mode!" Just like BTS we put sheet masks in our hand luggage to use them in the plane. Doable? Sure! Since they don’t take up any space in your bag, it’s easy to bring them along. And who cares if your seat neighbour looks a bit surprised to see you with a mask on! Nice hack? Definitely! The air in the plane is rather poor and very dry. That can take a serious toll on your skin. A sheet mask will help your skin (and yourself) have a relaxing flight.


Which of the beauty hacks do you think are too crazy and which ones would you like to try?

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