The anti-stress beauty trend

Especially since 2018, people have awakened to the effects of stress on the skin. As a result, more and more products that claim to fight stress have appeared on the market - beauty products included! As with many beauty trends, the anti-stress beauty trend is strong in Asia. Especially in Japan, Korea and China you can find a lot of stress related claims on skincare products.


Stress has many different causes - from environmental influences to personal reasons and lifestyle. We live in a world where everyone is online 24/7 and never really relaxes. Stress becomes a natural consequence. Permanent stress affects the mind and body in various ways and can be particularly damaging to the skin. Some studies have found that stress may cause a deterioration of the skin barrier function. And that’s by far not the only bad thing stress does to your skin.


To understand the impact of stress on your skin a bit better, we prepared a small biology class for you: There is one hormone that plays an important role in the whole thing: Cortisol, also known as "stress hormone". The body produces it as a natural reaction to stress. In small quantities and for a short duration this is absolutely okay. Because cortisol is involved in our metabolism and helps in fighting diseases. But a persistently high cortisol level can be very damaging to the skin. Negative consequences may be: premature skin aging, development of wrinkles, thinning skin, decreased skin elasticity and weakening of the natural skin barrier. Apart from that, stress promotes sebum production. In short, lasting stress leaves your skin looking old, dull and oily. Not a pretty sight!


How can you save yourself from the dilemma? In Asia people like to go to spas and saunas regularly to reduce stress. In addition, products with a high chill factor are incorporated into the beauty routine. These anti-stress skincare products usually look like this:


  • They are super easy to use. Simplicity is key. If you're already stressed out, you certainly do not want one thing: products that are complicated to use and only give you an additional headache. Anti-stress products are user-friendly, handy and compact.


  • Fragrances can do wonders. A selection of calming aromas can help to combat stress and lack of sleep. Choosing the right scent for beauty products can help calm the mind and soothe the skin.


  • What else is known to be good against stress? Sports! So why not combine sports with beauty? So-called "invisible" cream or gel masks are very popular in Korea. They are applied before starting house chores or a yoga session. After the work is done, not only your body, but also your skin is in top form.


  • The best way to recover from stress is to sleep. Products that support your beauty sleep are therefore very welcome. In times when we just can’t find the time to rest, at least our skin should look as if it had 8 hours of sleep. The must-have product in the case: sleeping masks.


DIY wellness experience with GLIMCLEAN: If you don’t have a spa salon nearby, you can easily give yourself a rejuvenating facial massage with GLIMCLEAN. Massage the Jelly Cleansing Balm in circular motions onto your face. Take your time with this. Rinse everything off after a couple of minutes. Your senses and your skin will feel relaxed and refreshed.



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