The 7 skin method

In 2017, this K-Beauty hack appeared in the media for the first time. Meanwhile, the 7 skin method has many fans - including us! It's a simple but effective hack that can solve quite some winter skincare dilemmas. Basically the 7 skin method works like this: You don’t just apply your toner once - but 7 times in a row! Keep reading to find out why this makes sense and what you should pay attention to when trying it out.

Let's first clarify the basics: Why is it called "7 skin" and not "7 toner" method? In Korea, "skin" is a synonym for toner. So do not be surprised if the term "skin" is found on all the toners in Korea. One might think that for Koreans the toner is so essential that they dubbed it "skin". In fact, the toner is an absolute must-have in a typical K-beauty routine.

What is a toner? Toners are liquid skincare products. There are some that are completely watery and others that are a bit thicker in consistency. The latter are a little more suitable for the 7 skin method. Toners are formulated to restore the skin's natural pH level after cleansing. Above all, they provide the skin with a decent load of moisture and nutrients. Most Korean toners contain a lot of herbal ingredients and nourishing oils. How to recognize a toner without having to look at the ingredients? Look for a toner that only mentions caring claims such as moisturizing, nourishing, soothing or regenerating. So we're not talking about a micellar water or an alcoholic toner, which is intended for removing make-up or facial cleansing.



How To 7 Skin Method:

Step 1: You have finished your facial cleansing. Now take your favourite toner and apply a generous amount on a cotton pad. Use the cotton pad to wipe your entire face. If you want to do this like a pro, remember our K-Beauty basic rule “upwards and outwards”. A small reminder: When applying skincare products are massaging the face, do it in upwards and outwards movements to give the skin an extra lift and prevent wrinkle development. So slide the cotton pad from the centre of your face outwards.

Step 2: Drop some toner on your palms and pat it into your skin. Wait 2-3 minutes for the toner to be fully absorbed. A little tip for all of us impatient ones: You can use your hands to fan your face to shorten the drying time.

Step 3: And again a little toner on the hands and from there on the face. You have now completed 3 reps!

Step 4: Halftime! And again some toner on the face.

Step 5: You know what to do...

Step 6: Almost there...

Step 7: Done! You have successfully completed the 7 skin method.

After the 7-fold application of your toner, your skin should feel very plump, moist and refreshed. The perfect moment for a #glassskin selfie!

How often and when should you use the 7 skin method? It is especially suitable when the skin is extremely dry and no moisturizer in the world seems to help. Through this method you feed your skin with moisture sip by sip. This technique may replace a sheet mask, as it gives you the same intense moisture surge. During the winter time you can pamper your skin with this method once a week. One last tip from us: Depending on how dry your skin is (and how much time you have at hand), you can easily turn the 7 skin method into a 5 skin or 3 skin method.

GLIMFRESH makes the 7 skin method easier than ever before: While other toners need to be applied on cotton pads or in your palms first, you can simply spray GLIMFRESH directly to your face.


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