Summer skincare tips

If summer means more trouble for the skin, do we have to go through an extra routine to protect it? No way! That’s the last thing we want to do. So don’t worry, the tips we’re about to show you are just little tweaks to your usual skincare routine. They don’t ask for much effort from you, but play an essential role in protecting your skin from premature ageing. Switch out some products here and there and just keep one thing in mind: SPF.


Needless to say, the magic word for summer skincare is SPF (sun protection factor). So the first thing, we recommend you to do in summer is… Protect yourself from the sun! Make sure to apply sunscreen on your face and body and don’t forget about these body parts especially:

  • PROTECT YOUR FACE: If you’ve been with us for a while, you know we can’t say it often enough. Wearing an SPF product – be it a primer, a moisturizer, a foundation - should be as natural for you as drinking 2l of water per day. During the summer time, when we tend to be outdoors more, wearing SPF is all the more important.
  • PROTECT YOUR LIPS: Every part of your face needs to be shielded from those harmful UVA an UVB rays – including your lips. So make sure you also bring a lip balm with SPF to the pool and reapply it regularly.
  • PROTECT YOUR EYES: Those cute sunglasses are not just a nice fashion accessory, they also protect your precious eye area from the sun. In addition to sunglasses, you could look into an eye cream with SPF. Since the skin around your eyes is especially thin and fragile, signs of ageing can occur there more easily. So an extra step of protection is surely worth it.
  • PROTECT YOUR SCALP: When you’re out in the sun, which body parts usually heats up first? The top of your head, your nose tip, your shoulders. These are the parts that are directly hit by the sun. While we usually don’t forget to apply sunscreen on the nose and shoulders, we do tend to forget about the scalp. The skin along your part can get sun burnt as well! Since applying sun cream on your hair is not very practical, opt for an UV-protection mist. Of course, a sun hat will also do the job.
  • PROTECT YOUR HANDS: They often say that your face can cheat people into thinking that you’re much younger than your actual age. But your hands will always give away your true age. This suggests that your hands are very prone to skin ageing as well. So don’t forget to also apply sunscreen to your hands, too.


Our second tip for you is to switch from heavy to lightweight products. This goes for both skincare and make-up. When it’s hot outside and we tend to sweat more, heavy products just don’t feel right on the skin. Plus, the danger of break-outs and inflammation is higher if all the products you wear mix with your sweat, sea water, pool water etc.

  • SWITCH TO LIGHTWEIGHT MOISTURIZERS: We recommend gel like textures since they can additionally cool down and soothe your skin in summer. Our favorite summer skincare products are toners and watery or jelly serums and moisturizers. They are super lightweight and can be layered in case the skin needs a stronger moisture boost.
  • SWITCH TO LIGHTWEIGHT SUNSCREENS: The days of heavy, oily sun creams with an annoying white cast or oily film are long gone. In Korea, everyone is into sun sticks. You can imagine them as giant lip balm like products that are applied on the whole body to protect the skin with a weightless layer of SPF. Besides these sun sticks, there are also super lightweight sun protection gels or mists. They literally feel like you have nothing on but they provide you with a strong shield against the sun. Looking for something like that? Check out our GLIMSUN Sun Primer :)
  • SWITCH TO A LIGHTER MAKE-UP: Why hide your beautifully sun kissed skin under a ton of make-up? Often all you need in summer is a lightweight BB cream or a tinted moisturizer. Ideally, they also come with SPF. By the way: If you can’t get enough of SPF – and we don’t blame you for that – you can also find SPF infused powders, blushes, bronzers and more on the market these days.



The third tip we have for you: Cool down! You don’t want to feel too hot all the time, neither does your skin. So help your skin stay cool with these two practical hacks:

  • COOL DOWN WITH A FACIAL MIST: Carry around a facial mist to cool down your skin on the go. It’s best if the mist has extra soothing and cooling ingredients. If you got a sunburn a mist can also be a quick relief.
  • COOL DOWN WITH A COLD SHOWER: Hot showers are generally dehydrating your skin. After you’ve been under the sun for hours, hot showers are the least thing your skin needs. You don’t need to go for ice cold showers but turning the water temperature down a bit is definitely worth it. That’ll stop you from sweating, cool down the skin and help it recover from sunburns.


Our last summer skincare tip for you is to not neglect after-sun care. You’ve been in the sun and got yourself a lovely tan. If you want to enjoy your new summer glow, then make sure to treat your skin well after a sunbath.

  • TREAT YOUR SUN SPOTS: Prevention is the best solution for sun spots. So if you don’t have any yet, be sure to thank your sunscreens for this and keep relying on them. By the way: If you have dark acne spots, wearing sunscreen is crucial. Otherwise, you’ll risk darkening them even more due to the sun. And then they’ll take forever to fade away. Anyhow, there are different kinds of sun spots, some appear with age, others due to hormonal imbalances and many are indeed caused by the sun. Many of them can be treated with skin whitening products. Exfoliating can also help lighten them. But be patient, sun spots usually take time to fade. So don’t expect overnight results.
  • TREAT YOUR EYE AREA: During the summer time, eye cream is especially important. The fragile skin around your eyes can have an extra hard time during summer. Besides protecting it with sunglasses and SPF products, you may want to take a few more seconds in the evening to pamper the eye area with a good eye cream. Gently tap and massage the cream in. Extra tip: Put two tea spoons into the fridge. After a while you can take them out and use them to massage your eyes.
  • TREAT YOUR FACE TO AN AFTER-SUN MASK: There’s nothing better for us than a cool sheet mask after a sunbath. Even better if the sheet mask comes straight out of the fridge and contains soothing ingredients like Aloe Vera.
  • TREAT YOUR BODY TO SOME MOISTURE: You surely don’t want to see your newly gained sun tan peel away after a few days. So after sunbathing, make sure to apply moisturizer all over your body. This helps your skin recover from any sun damage and stay smooth and silky.


And now – go have fun in the sun!


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