Steam cleanse – a new way of cleansing your face

Gooniini, a female Korean beauty blogger, has demonstrated her steam cleanse method in a YouTube video. It has since caught the attention of quite some K-Beauty lovers (us included) and even inspired Korean brand Pharmtree to launch a steam cleansing product kit. Gooniini swears by this cleansing technique as it has helped her to a clear, breakout-free complexion.

How to steam cleanse

  1. Use make-up remover on a cotton pad to remove your eye and lip make-up. Soak the pads in the remover, place them over your eyes and lips, wait for a few seconds, then gently wipe everything off.
  2. Use a lightweight face cream to melt down the make-up and dirt on your face. Apply a generous amount of cream to your hands, gently massage that into your skin until you feel that everything has melted down, then wipe everything off with facial wipes. Repeat if necessary.
  3. Use a paper tissue soaked in warm water to open the pores and extract remaining make-up and dirt. Place the warm tissue over your face for 30 seconds, then wipe down your face with the tissue. Repeat if necessary.

The method gets its name from the last step. As you place the paper tissue on your face, the warm water that evaporates creates some steam. That steam causes your pores to open up and release all the gunk.

What do we think of the steam cleanse? We tried this hack using not the official kit but similar products we had at hand. The results were very good! Your skin does feel properly cleansed, even though you’re not using any water. And it’s oddly satisfying to see all that make-up and dirt ending up on the wipes. On the other hand, this cleansing method is probably more suitable for advanced skincare users. It involves quite some effort and you’ll need specific tools for it like the cream and (many) wipes. We recommend you do a steam cleanse once every while to deep cleanse your skin. Or using this hack when you don’t have access to water (e.g. on the plane).

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