Skip-Care – the minimal skincare trend from Korea

Here at glimyu we’ve always believed that less is more. That’s exactly why our products are little multi-taskers that allow you to finish a proper skincare routine in 3 to 4 steps. Now it seems like Koreans, who are known for their extensive skincare routines, are also discovering the benefits of a shorter routine for themselves.

What’s Skip-Care about?

Skip-Care is basically about reducing your skincare routine to a minimum. Leaving all those fancy essences, serums, ampoules, masks and other optional steps out. For most Koreans that means that all they keep in their routine is: (1) a cleanser (2) a moisturizer (3) a sunscreen. The cleanser should be gentle enough for daily usage but thorough enough to effectively remove all your make-up and impurities. The moisturizer should ideally cater to all the skincare needs you have. Your main concern is big pores? Choose a moisturizer with sebum control properties. You’re mainly worrying about fine lines? Choose a moisturizer with anti-ageing properties. Lastly, you should include a sunscreen. Why? Needless to say, because it protects your skin from premature ageing and skin damage. And that’s it!

When choosing your essential products for a Skip-Care routine, it’s important to know what your skin really needs. Since you’re only working with few products, those products need to deliver in order for your routine to be short but effective. Try out a couple of different products to see which ones work best on you. Also, you don’t necessarily need to end up with three products. If your skin can’t live without a toner, then leave it in your routine! We recommend a temporary Skip-Care routine first, to see how your skin reacts to the change. You can try it out during your next short trip. That way you’re also saving space in your luggage.

What benefits does Skip-Care have?

  1. Obviously, you’re going to save some money. Less products, less skincare expenses.
  2. You’re also saving time. That means a couple more minutes of sleep in the morning.
  3. Excessive skincare layering can be pore clogging. So it’s possible that your pores will be less clogged and end up looking less enlarged when you put your skin on a skincare diet.
  4. Skip-Care can be a detox treatment for your skin. So you could end up having less breakouts and clearer skin in the long run.
  5. Less products are especially good during the summer time. Sweat and a heavy mixture of products on your skin don’t go well together. Your skin will feel sticky and breakouts can occur. So give your skin a (skincare) break in summer.
  6. You’ll travel with more ease. Packing for a 10 step routine can be troublesome. It takes up quite some space in your luggage. And you’re probably spending too much time in front of the vanity instead of enjoying every minute of your vacation.

One last tip: If you need a short cut to a Skip-Care routine, our GLIMROUTINE is just right for you. It’s glimyu’s recipe to radiant skin in 3-4 steps.

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