Skincare Trends for 2020

Of course, new buzz words and online trends will appear in the course of the year, but we’re not going to talk about those right now. Today we’ll show you the 5 biggest trends that will have an impact on the international beauty world over the coming years.

Is the "skin first, make-up second" philosophy still relevant? What is particularly important for skincare products in the new year? Does the K-Beauty hype continue? You can find the answers to these and other questions below.

1. My skin but better – the “no make-up” trend continues

What will be the new skincare motto for 2020? If you expected something completely new and crazy, then unfortunately we have to disappoint you a little. Because in the new year, the "skin first, make-up second" mantra will continue to reign. There are different variations of this saying. Other versions are "my skin but better" or "care for the skin you're in". Basically, however, they all say the same thing: The focus remains – or has even become stronger – on a flawless complexion, without the use of make-up. Skincare is being prioritized more and more, because you don't just want to look perfect in photos thanks to filters and strong make-up. Instead you want to look just as great every morning without the help of filters and make-up. If the occasion calls for a bit of make-up, more and more tend to go for a very minimalist, natural look. A look that subtly emphasizes the facial features, lets your own skin shine through and does not try to completely hide or change anything on the face. In the past, you could only make a statement with a perfectly made-up look. Now you can do that with a "bare" face. And we absolutely say “Cheers!” to that. Because in our opinion all the effort you put into a healthy, radiant complexion deserves a huge thumbs-up and a million likes!

2. Pro skincare – products suitable for everyday skincare professionals

Thanks to the wide range of skincare products of all kinds on the mass market and all the beauty tutorials on social media, you can quickly become a beauty guru yourself. It is no longer just the beauty bloggers and celebrity make-up artists who are experts in their field. Normal consumers are very experienced because they’ve learned all the necessary beauty skills from their favorite bloggers and stars. And they are very keen to experiment, because they are constantly on the lookout for the latest beauty trends and like to try out new hacks to update their routine. Beauty brands have recognized this behavior and in response, more and more professional skincare products are appearing on the beauty shelves. The classic moisturizer is no longer enough (even for many male consumers). A wide range of serums, ampoules, masks and new formats such as the fog mists (you can find a separate article on this in the Glimblog) are becoming must-haves. In addition, the textures are often highly concentrated with certain active ingredients, because this is also an indication of effective, professional skincare. Talking about ingredients, the next section is all about them.

3. Active Ingredients – the protagonist in skincare products

While we have seen many innovations regarding the textures and packaging of skincare products in recent years, the focus is now more on the active ingredients. The hero aspect of an innovative product is very often the choice of effective active ingredients. Some ingredients have now reached cult status and can be found in almost every routine. This best-of list contains e.g. Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera, Retinol, AHA / BHA and Vitamin C. In Asia, Ginseng, Rice and the Centella Asiatica plant are at the top of the list. Superfoods such as Avocado and Beetroot are currently particularly trendy. Today's proficient skincare users want to know what's in their products and the right choice of active ingredients is and will remain a key purchase criterion. In 2020, skincare brands will continue to be inspired by nature and the food industry when choosing active ingredients. Science will also play an important role in discovering and testing innovative active ingredients and making them available to the mass market.

4. Color & care – make-up should also care for the skin

The boundaries between skincare and make-up will become increasingly blurred in the years that follow. Today's consumers expect that not only their skincare products care for the skin, but also their make-up products. As the name suggests, the color & care trend describes cosmetics that not only bring color to the face but also care for the skin. The trend started years ago with the tinted moisturizer. Today you will find many more product types that are a result of the fusion between skincare and make-up. For instance, there are the serum foundations, serum blushes and serum eyeshadows. These products combine conventional make-up products with a serum for moisturizing and nourishing properties. Apart from these new product categories, you will find caring claims or active ingredients in a great amount of make-up products today. Why stop at skincare when make-up can also do good for your skin, right?

5. K-Beauty 2.0 – how K-Beauty will change

K-Beauty is known for being effective and innovative but also for having that certain fun factor. And essentially nothing will change in this definition, because that's what makes K-Beauty so unique. But we can see that K-Beauty will become “more adult” from 2020 onwards. Korean brands are increasingly focusing on performance, quality and effectiveness. While the playful elements move into the background. Many brands in Korea have reduced the amount of cute packaging, peculiar textures and playful colors and scents in their standard assortments. They leave the playful factor to their limited editions only. This change will benefit K-Beauty. On the one hand, it reflects the needs of an increasingly experienced and professional beauty consumer who favors performance over fun. On the other hand, K-Beauty finds more credibility on the international beauty stage. After all, cute kitsch isn't as popular everywhere as it is in Asia. Korea wants to prove to the world that K-Beauty is anything but JUST cute and playful. With that said, we can definitely look forward to innovative skincare and beauty products as well as inspiring new beauty hacks from Korea in the new year.


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