Skincare trends 2021 – What COVID-19 will change permanently

Ingredient experts

Wearing masks has created new skin problems, especially maskne. Even the laziest of us have used the free time we have gained to get to know our skin better and, consequently, to take better care of it. Tea Tree Oil, Centella Asiatica and Salicylic Acid are no longer foreign words. Instead, we now even want to know the exact percentage of these ingredients in our products. The more you tell us about the recipe and properties of each ingredient, the more convinced we are. A few years ago we were more interested in which harmful ingredients are NOT in the product. Now we are more concerned with the existing active ingredients, their percentage portion, their qualities and short-term and long-term effects.

Protection against blue light

These practical and versatile companions made the lockdown phase particularly easy for us: cell phones, televisions, computers and consoles. While they are some of the best entertainers in the house, they can have negative effects on your skin in the long run. The blue light emitted from screens causes symptoms of aging, similar to UV rays. Without proper protective precautions, for example, wrinkles and dark spots form early on. How can you protect your skin? If possible, turn on the blue light filter on your mobile phone and PC in the evening. Some brands now even carry skincare products with blue light protection. Blue light glasses can also protect your eye area, especially if your PC does not have an integrated filter.

Microbiome-friendly skincare

In simple terms, the skin microbiome includes all (good) bacteria on our skin. Microbiome-friendly skincare has developed significantly since Corona. The trend started with probiotic skincare products and supplements. The addition of good microorganisms can improve organ health. The principle originally came from nutrition and has been transferred to skincare in recent years. After all, the skin is our largest organ. Lately we've been using a slightly different type of microbiome skincare. Wearing protective masks can be tough on the skin. Your skin’s protective barrier is more vulnerable than ever. That is why we use products that contain ceramides, for example. Ceramides strengthen and, if necessary, repair the skin's stressed barrier.

Handcare evolution

One of the most widely used products since Corona are hand disinfectants. However essential they are, they are very damaging to our hands in the long run. So much so that repeated application of hand cream hardly helps. That is why many brands have made it their mission to significantly expand their handcare range. Hand creams, hand serums, hand ampoules, hand peelings and much more! We don’t have a 10-step routine for the hands yet, but we are not too far away from it either.

Bye-bye unrealistic beauty ideals

The press, brands and consumers themselves are increasingly saying goodbye to overly ambitious beauty ideals. Perfect skin, flawless skin, pore-free complexion, eternally young skin and even the term anti-aging is kicked out of the vocabulary by many. We value the natural beauty of our skin more than ever, regardless of gender, nationality or age. We wore little or no makeup during the lockdown and enjoyed it. More than ever before, less is more!

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