Skincare for before & after your workout

What do you usually pack in your gym bag? Probably a water bottle, yoga mat, towel, deodorant… All necessary items, but do you also pack your beauty essentials? Here’s what we recommend you to bring along to your workout sessions and also to use after a productive training.

If you don’t have the chance to wash your face before going to the gym, you should bring some cotton wipes and cleansing water or micellar water with you. When you exercise and start to warm up, your pores will open up which will invite dirt and make-up to get trapped inside. Make sure you start your workout with clean skin! So soak these cotton pads in cleansing water and wipe all the grime away.

After workout you should deep cleanse your face. Choose whatever cleansing method you prefer. Single cleanse with a good oil cleanser, double cleansing with an added foam cleanser or triple cleanse with a make-up remover as first step. Your beauty, your rules! Most important for this step is the thorough removal of sweat and dirt that accumulated during your exercising.

Now it’s time to help your skin to calm down and relax. Just like your body and muscles need time to recover, your skin needs some downtime, too! Start your skincare regime with a calming toner, then add a good amount of hydration with a lightweight, cooling moisturizer.

Finish off with your favorite night cream or treat your skin to a nourishing face mask. Enjoy some me time while you watch a movie (or K-Drama), then hop into bed and get some well-deserved beauty sleep.

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