Skin survival hacks for the winter

Your skin feels tight and tense? It’s scaly? It itches? It looks dull? We also know these problems and suffer with you. But there’s hope! Because we have a collection of winter survival hacks for you and your skin.


Winter hack #1

7-fold charge of moisture: In winter, the skin needs one thing above all: moisture. So give the 7 skin method a try. This K-Beauty hack is a moisture boot camp for your skin. After cleansing your face, apply some toner - not just once, but 7 times in a row. That way your skin literally “drinks” itself moist and plump sip by sip.


Winter hack #2

Sleep well: Another way to keep an #iwokeuplikethis glow in the winter is to use a sleeping mask every night. Sleeping masks cover your skin like a protective blanket, providing you with lots of valuable nutrients and, of course, plenty of moisture. So your skin (and you) wakes up regenerated and rejuvenated in the morning.


Nice winter sleep with GLIMNIGHT: While you’re sleeping GLIMNIGHT is doing the night shift for you. The sleeping mask provides your skin with moisture for 9h and supports your skin’s regeneration process. Exactly what you need in the winter!


Winter hack #3

Spray it on: During the day a facial mist can be the lifesaver for your dry skin. For Koreans facial mists are a must-have items to carry around. So they can refresh their complexion during the day and combat the dry heating air in the house, in the office or in the car. Another tip: Moisten your make-up sponge or brush with a facial mist before applying your foundation. And there you have perfect dewy skin in winter!


Winter hack #4

Foundation meets moisturizer: Applying makeup over dry, flaky skin? Not a good idea! This trick allows for super smooth make-up application and gives your skin a healthy glow all day long: Mix a few drops of serum or a little moisturizer into your favourite foundation. Apply the mixture to your face in thin layers while using a dampened make-up sponge.


Winter hack #5

Less (exfoliation) is more: Your skin is exposed to harsher conditions in winter, weakening the skin barrier and making the skin more susceptible to irritation. Excessive peeling additionally weakens the skin barrier. So don’t immediately grab a scrub whenever you notice flaky skin. Instead, try to restore its moisture with e.g. the 7 skin method. One more thing: After exfoliation, treat your skin with a sheet mask to soothe it and give it a proper boost of moisture.


Winter hack #6

Sunny winter days: We can’t emphasize the importance of sun protection for your skin often enough. Protect your skin every day, every season from the harmful sun rays that lead to premature aging of the skin. Especially when it is snowing you should apply a product with a high SPF (sun protection factor). A white blanket of snow reflects the sunlight and your skin is thus strongly irradiated from all sides.


Protect, protect, protect for your skin to stay perfect: The GLIMSUN Sun Shield Primer is the perfect base for your make-up. But you can also wear it by itself. It effectively protects your skin from harmful UV rays. Your little bodyguard for the skin in winter – and all year round!


Winter hack #7

Good air = good skin: You drink a lot of water, you have a proper moisturizing skincare routine ... now there should be nothing to prevent you from having #honeyskin in winter. Unfortunately there still is! The main reason why our skin gets drier in winter is the weather. With the sinking temperatures, the humidity also drops. This in turn means that the water in the skin evaporates faster. It gets worse: The heating air in the house can dry out the skin even more. A humidifier can help because it releases water vapour into the air. This increases the moisture content in the air. Say bye to dry skin, dry eyes and chapped lips! There are other little helpers that improve the air quality: plants. So besides an air humidifier, get yourselves some plants.


Winter hack #8

Hot shower: Who doesn’t love it? After a hard day in the freezing cold, first a hot shower or a hot bath! But watch out: Hot water dries out the skin. From time to you should turn down the water temperature a bit and take a lukewarm shower.


Winter hack #9

Away with the drinks: Wintertime means Holiday Season for many of us. We celebrate Christmas and New Year with our friends and family. There’s plenty of food, sweets and some drinks here and there. But be careful: Too much alcohol dehydrates the body and thus the skin. The result? Skin hangover the day after the party. Your skin is dry, you have some red spots and deep dark circles under your eye. For the sake of your skin, try to drink a little less (and spare yourself the hangover).

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