Redness & Inflammation? This is how you calm down your skin!

Redness and irritation can happen e.g. due to excessive peeling, prolonged exposure to bright sun or wearing protective masks for a long time. Your skin often feels sore, some areas are reddish and small pimples can appear. Which products can help you (quickly)?

1. Toner

Especially after cleansing, a toner with moisturizing ingredients can do wonders for your irritated skin. Immediately after cleaning, your skin is exposed to all environmental influences without protection. The toner supplies it with a first load of moisture and nutrients and also restores its optimal pH value. Suppose you are on the go and your skin feels very uncomfortable after a few hours under the protective mask. Then apply some toner to cotton pads and gently wipe your face with it. In this way, you quickly rid your skin of dirt and sweat, soothe it and prevent inflammation.

2. Serums

There are serums that are formulated for sensitive skin in order to specifically treat redness and inflammation. You can incorporate this into your routine as an additional step. What is even more practical: Serums usually have a very light, watery texture that can be wonderfully mixed with other products. So mix some serum into your moisturizer, sunscreen or even your foundation. That way, other products also have a calming effect on your skin.

3. Masks

As an SOS measure, we advise you to apply a soothing sheet mask. In just 15 minutes, your irritated skin receives a concentrated load of active ingredients that work against redness and inflammation.

With all of these products, your best bet is to look for ingredients that are known for their calming, anti-inflammatory properties. Our top candidates are: Centella Asiatica, Propolis and Aloe Vera. It also helps if the products are fragrance-free, because synthetic fragrances also cause irritation on many skin types. Active ingredients that strengthen or repair the protective barrier of your skin are also very advisable. Ceramides are a good choice here. With a more robust protective barrier, your skin can better withstand environmental influences.

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