Quarantine skincare tips

DIY mask

With a DIY mask you can easily transform your home into a spa for your skin. Making the mask yourself is not only fun, it also relaxes the senses and distracts from everyday life. Applying a mask is also the perfect opportunity to take a break and relax completely. We recommend the classic green tea mask. How is it done? Simply prepare a cup of green tea (and also have some of it) and then soak a few cotton pads in the slightly chilled tea and put it on your face. Or how about a banana mask? That's what our last blog post was about. By the way: If you wish to skip the DIY, a sheet mask does the job, too!

Facial massage

Nothing is more relaxing than a good massage. A facial massage to be more precise. The most important thing here is to be particularly gentle. Apply a generous amount of serum or cream. Start in the middle of your face and always massage from the center out. The best way to do this is with a facial roller. No facial roller on hand? Then just use a small espresso cup or shot glass and use the edges to massage your face. If you briefly put the cup or glass in the fridge beforehand, you will also get a cooling, depuffing effect. If you treat yourself to a facial massage regularly, wrinkles are visibly reduced or effectively prevented. It also helps to create a narrower, more defined face - or in K-Beauty terms - the perfect V-Line (narrow face with a V-shaped chin).

Sun protection

You're at home all day anyway, so you don't need to apply sunscreen, right? Unfortunately, no! Because harmful UV rays also reach your skin through windows and can continue to cause skin aging and skin damage. With the beginning of spring, the sun will also appear more. So whether in quarantine or not - sun protection is key!

We at glimyu hope you and your loved ones stay healthy and happy despite these challenging times. And despite everything, don't lose your passion for skincare and K-Beauty! #healthfirstskinsecond

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