Product spotlight: GLIMSUN

Why we created GLIMSUN

Early on during the creation of the glimyu assortment, our team was talking about how religiously Koreans apply their sunscreen. The fact that Korean parents teach their children about the importance of sun protection at a very young age amazed us. Because of that, applying sunscreen on your face every day is a natural, obvious thing to do in Korea and many other Asian countries. Here in Europe, that’s not the case at all. Many Europeans still believe that sunscreen is only necessary during summer vacation, when you’re sunbathing, sitting by the pool or swimming in the sea. Also, applying sunscreen is often perceived as a hassle. Sun creams are usually thick, sticky, have a distinct smell and leave a white cast on the skin.

Yet, protecting your skin from the sun is so crucial. Sun exposure is one of the main factors that cause skin ageing. And we’re not even talking about the dangerous stuff like sun burns or even skin cancer. Ever wondered how Asians maintain wrinkle-free fair skin even at a mature age? Well, consistent sun protection is one of their secrets.

We created GLIMSUN for those who totally believe in the importance of sun protection, but simply haven’t found the right product to pick up the habit of regular sunscreen application. Applying those pastry white sun creams on your face every day would be a major pain. You probably don’t want that sunscreen smell on you all day long. To make things worse your make-up is likely to cake up or smudge away when you put it on top of such a heavy sun cream. GLIMSUN was developed to make daily sun protection as easy, weightless and make-up-friendly as possible.

What makes GLIMSUN special

Unlike common sun creams, GLIMSUN is transparent and leaves a weightless, mattifying film on your skin. No sticky feel, no white cast! The invisible gel is also able to blur away fine lines and pores. And probably the best thing: It was formulated to work as a wear-prolonging primer for your make-up.

What makes GLIMSUN different from moisturizers with SPF? Those moisturizers focus on the care aspect and tend to still be too greasy or sticky for use as make-up primer. They also usually only contain low SPF like SPF10 or SPF15. GLIMSUN not only comes with SPF40 PA+++ to block harmful UVA an UVB rays, it also contains Vitamin E to protect the skin from free radicals. Good to know: The sunlight you’re exposed to every day is made of 95% of UVA rays. Those rays can penetrate clouds, glass and also your skin. They are one of the main reasons for premature skin ageing. UVB rays on the other hand are responsible for sun burns and skin cancer.

And that’s all the reasons why you should make sun protection a daily habit. With GLIMSUN, you surely have no excuse to start that habit asap!


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