Product spotlight: GLIMNIGHT

Why we created GLIMNIGHT

At the beginning of the creation of our GLIMNIGHT Sleeping Mask, we faced quite some questions and doubts. Do we need a separate day and night moisturizer when our aim was to keep it all as simple as possible? Do we need an extra sleeping mask when there are so many good sheet masks out there? Those and more questions were on our minds…

At this stage we had the ideal day routine, made up of a cleanser, toner, moisturizer and sunscreen. Though we had enough trust in our GLIMCARE All In 1 Cream to recommend it as nighttime moisturizer, some of us still felt like many of you needed something more in their evening routine. But a plain night moisturizer didn’t feel like the right choice. Once more we turned to K-Beauty for some inspiration. And of course, we were not disappointed.

In Korea a certain type of night care products was making its way on people’s shelves and quickly became a staple in the beauty routine: the so-called sleeping masks or sleeping packs. Korean brands such as Laneige have launched a special type of mask that’s to be used before bedtime. They typically have the texture of a lightweight gel moisturizer and are rich in all sorts of caring ingredients. Their main purpose is to act as a blanket on the skin to avoid moisture loss and support the natural regeneration process of the skin at night. And according to that concept, GLIMNIGHT Sleeping Mask was born.

What makes GLIMNIGHT special

GLIMNIGHT turns out to be an amazing problem solver. The doubts and concerns we had in the beginning were all solved by this practical night care product. Read on to see what problems our Sleeping Mask can solve for you.

“Skincare layering is such a hassle. I feel like the many layers suffocate my skin!” Not with our products. All of them have very lightweight, fast-absorbing textures. That way layering becomes effortless and feels literally weightless. Since GLIMNIGHT is technically the last product in your evening routine, we paid extra attention to making its texture feathery light. Our Sleeping Mask comes with a clear cloud-like gel texture which the skin absorbs in no time.

“I have problems sleeping.” GLIMNIGHT is even able to help you out with sleep issues. Don’t believe us? Well, here’s how it works: GLIMNIGHT can help you fall asleep when used in a little facial massage. Massaging your face helps you relax and unwind so that sleep will come to you easier. You can either massage your face with your warm hands or use a facial roller if you own one. Just apply 3-4 pumps of GLIMNIGHT to your face and gently work it into your skin in outwards and upwards motions. Close your eyes and take deep breaths to further relax. One more thing: Did you notice the lavender scent in our sleeping mask? Lavender is known to help against insomnia and promote a good sleep.

“I’m sensitive to scents.” We hear that a lot and many in our team feel the same. That’s why we made sure that whatever scent we added was light enough to not bother anyone. GLIMNIGHT has a pleasant floral, slightly herbal scent with a touch of lavender. You dig that? Great! Not a fan? No worries! The scent disappears as fast as it appears. Just a few seconds after application your delicate nose won’t be able to detect anything.

“Do I have to apply it on top of another moisturizer? Do I have to use it as sleeping mask?” No and no. It’s your beauty routine. So, you make the rules! Like all our products, GLIMNIGHT was designed with a flexible concept. The texture is transparent and basically weightless to enable ideal skincare layering. It was formulated to work best as leave-on sleeping mask applied before you go to bed. At the same time, it’s effective and loaded with enough caring ingredients to act as a competent moisturizer on its own. So, go ahead and apply it by itself – in the evening or even in the morning. Just make sure to apply sunscreen during the day.

“Why can’t I just use a sheet mask at night?” Of course, you can do that. With GLIMNIGHT however, you save yourself these 15-20 minutes of waiting before removing the sheet mask. GLIMNIGHT is simply applied on the skin and off you go to bed, no waiting time whatsoever. The skincare magic happens during the night as you are fast asleep.

GLIMNIGHT wishes you a good beauty sleep!

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