Product spotlight: GLIMCLEAN

The starting point for the creation of GLIMCLEAN was the double cleansing method from Korea. A common way for Korean women to cleanse their face thoroughly. Hereby, you cleanse your face first with an oil cleanser and then with a foam or cream cleanser. The result speaks for itself, because the skin feels deeply cleansed afterwards. But there was a catch for us: Do you absolutely need TWO steps and products for a proper facial cleansing? Can you get the same result with ONE product?

We found the answer to these questions in our GLIMCLEAN Jelly Cleansing Balm. A cleanser that is multifunctional and, depending on the dosage and frequency of use, is suitable either as a make-up remover, a simple facial cleanser or as a product for the double cleansing method.

To remove waterproof makeup, add a little water and gently massage the balm over your eyes or lips. This is how you get waterproof mascara and long-lasting lipsticks off. For simple facial cleansing on days when you have little or no makeup on, massage the balm onto your dry face. And for a double cleanse, you first use the balm on dry skin and then on damp skin. Whatever method you go for - rinse everything off with lukewarm water and your skin is deeply cleansed… without feeling dry afterwards!

Why the jelly balm texture? Well, because we wanted to maintain the typical fun factor of K-Beauty. K-Beauty is effective, but it is also fun thanks to attractive active ingredients, colours and textures. The balm has a fascinating texture that transforms when it comes into contact with your skin and water. First, it is solid. As soon as you massage it in, it becomes a gel. And when you add water, it becomes milky and finally dissolves completely, taking away all impurities, dirt, etc.

One last insider tip: GLIMCLEAN is very easy to dose, pack in small containers and take with you on the go. With the enclosed spatula you can easily and hygienically take out small amounts from the jar.

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