New minimal look: ggu-an-ggu

Koreans appear to love shortening terms by taking the front syllables of the longer original phrase. The term “ggu-an-ggu” (꾸안꾸) is short for “ggu-min deut an ggu-min deut” (꾸민 듯 안 꾸민 듯). Our best shot at translating that would be “looking well groomed, even though we didn’t really style ourselves”. Or in other words, looking as if you didn’t put any effort into looking good.

According to our research the phrase first popped up on the web in late 2019. Around the same time when everyone around the world had to start changing their lifestyle to accommodate for a long period of lockdowns. While other countries adopted the videocall make-up look or loungewear fashion, Korea started to hype the “ggu-an-ggu” look.

The term can be applied to various parts of your appearance. In make-up, it would describe a no-make-up look. Here it’s best when you really don’t wear any make-up and simply flaunt your beautiful skin. That’s exactly what our brand slogan “pure me, pure yu” stands for. Bringing out the best version of yourself just by caring for your skin and providing it with the minimum of what it needs to thrive. In terms of hairstyles, a “ggu-an-ggu” look could be a laid-back short haircut with those trending curtain bangs. That’s a long fringe with an effortless wave which parts in the middle and frames your face. Lastly in fashion, you can think of streetstyle looks that look borderline sloppy, but still have an urban, trendy and well put together feel to them.

Bottom line, you just have to remember this mantra to nail the perfect “ggu-an-ggu” style: Put little to no effort into it and let your natural beauty shine.

Tags: K-Culture

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