Must-have spring skincare products

With spring rolling in, we all embrace the gentle sunshine, fresh breezes, warmer temperatures, longer days and  just overall nature coming to life. As you start to transition to lighter clothes, cool instead of hot beverages and some bright accents in your homes – you shouldn’t forget to make these spring adjustments to your skincare routine, too!

After a heavy-duty winter routine, your skin will welcome a switch to lighter textures. Now that the air also becomes less dry and the weather conditions generally less challenging on your skin, you can pack away your oils and thick moisturizers or at least use them more sparingly. Swap them for products with a watery or jelly texture. Another plus, these lighter products are very easy to layer in case your skin needs a skincare touch-up throughout the day.

And here come our 5 must-have spring skincare products and how we use them to get our daily spring glow on!

1. Cleansing water: In the morning, soak 2-3 cotton pads in cleansing water or micellar water to wipe down your face. This is much more gentle to your skin than doing a full cleanse (and is also much faster if you’re in a morning rush).

2. Face mist: Generously spray your face with your favourite mist. We love to have several mists with different caring ingredients ready. Because why not?! You don’t have the same drink all day and every day, right? So why not treating your skin to a different drink… we mean mist… once in a while.

3. Gel moisturizer: There’s just something utterly satisfying about a gel moisturizer than applies and blends smoothly onto the skin. After applying the mist, the moisturizer adds another thin layer of moisture and seals it all in.

4. Sun gel: Now before you head out the door, you (of course!) can’t forget about sun protection. Just like the moisturizer, a sunscreen with a lightweight gel texture is much more convenient to apply and also feels so much more pleasant on the skin.

5. Tinted lip balm: To give the face a healthy flush of colour, finish off your spring glow routine with a tinted lip balm. A sweet tip: Dab a little bit of it on your cheeks, too!

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