Must-have skincare products for your late 20s - early 30s

By the time you're 25 or older, you've most likely noticed that your skin isn't quite as easy to care for as it was in your teenage years. The first sunspots and wrinkles are visible. Dark acne scars take longer to completely disappear. Your skin produces less collagen and you will notice it in the decreasing elasticity of your skin.

We all experience these changes in our skin sooner or later. Fortunately, beauty brands are here for us and offer skincare products which help us fend off premature skin aging. Here are our top picks of products that will help you delay signs of aging:

Moisturizing cleansing water

The older your skin gets, the more grateful it will be to you, if you don't constantly strip off its protective moisture film. Your teenage skin may have tolerated Double Cleansing well, both in the morning as well as in the evening. But today your skin may find that too aggressive. A moisturizing cleansing water in the morning can be enough to gently cleanse your skin.

Exfoliating toner with AHA, BHA or PHA

The skin metabolism slows down with age. This often results in clogged pores, an accumulation of dead skin cells and a pale complexion. Even though you may have only used exfoliators once a month before, you will need them more often now. We recommend those with AHA, BHA or PHA. Used once a week, they prevent blackheads or whiteheads and help you achieve an even, radiant complexion.

Retinol or Bakuchiol serum

In your early 30s, you should also include a retinol serum in your routine. It helps you to boost the skin's metabolism so that healthy new skin cells appear more quickly. Bakuchiol is known as the plant-based alternative to retinol, which is also suitable for sensitive skin.

Vitamin C serum

Unfortunately, in your late twenties, your skin needs more time to repair damage. So incorporate a Vitamin C serum into your routine. Because it will help you repair sun damage and lighten acne scars faster.

Peptide cream

Once you're 20 years old, your skin is producing less collagen every year. This leads to decreasing skin elasticity. The skin becomes thinner, paler and drier. Fortunately, there are products with peptides that increase collagen production. In Korea, many people not only use collagen-increasing skincare products, but also consume collagen in the form of supplements.

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