K-Food Guide (Part 2)

In our first post of the glimyu K-Food Guide we talked about kimchi, sesame and green tea. Today we have ginseng and beans on the menu. Read on to learn why we believe that these two ingredients are also reason for the flawless skin of Koreans.



Not only Koreans but pretty much all Asians are into this power root. It has tons of benefits for your skin. Let’s go through some of them: It has a brightening effect and can help turn a dull complexion into a fresh and even one. It has the ability to de-puff the eyes and combat dark circles. Ginseng also acts as stimulant and can boost the skin’s blood circulation, collagen production and cell growth. This helps you get a healthy glow. Furthermore, ginseng has powerful antioxidant properties. So it helps to protect the skin from environmental stress. Ginseng is also great for oily skin thanks to its ability to control oil production and keep excess sebum away. Last but not least, it’s famous for being an excellent anti-ageing ingredient. It helps reduce wrinkles and tighten the skin for a more youthful complexion. Still not convinced? You can also get some awesome health benefits by consuming ginseng. For instance, ginseng is known for strengthening the immune system and for combatting fatigue. In Asia, people like to drink ginseng tea and there are many tonic drinks that contain ginseng. They usually come in tiny glass bottles, packed in luxuriously decorated gift boxes. It’s common to gift these boxes to family and friends. By the way, how does ginseng taste? It reminds us of sweet licorice. So if you’re into that, you’ll be a fan of these tonic shots. To sum it up: Ginseng is considered a wonder ingredient in Asia – and we totally see why!



Beans of all kinds can be found in many traditional Korean dishes. For instance, Koreans like to add beans to plain rice. That rice-bean mixture is called “kong-bab” (콩밥) and it’s not only more flavorful but also a lot more nutritious. There’s also a Korean dessert named “pat-bing-su” (팥빙수) where beans are added as topping. It’s basically shaved ice topped with chopped fruit, condensed milk, sweet syrup and red beans. A very popular summer treat! And we cannot forget about “doen-jang-jji-gae” (된장찌개), a stew made with fermented soybean paste and vegetables. Hereby that soybean paste called “doen-jang” (된장) is the star ingredient. The paste is also used in many other dishes. Why can we consider doen-jang and beans as another ingredient to beautiful skin? Beans are loaded with nutrients and antioxidants which are great to combat environmental stress on the skin (e.g. pollution and sun exposure). Therefore, it helps your skin fight off signs of premature ageing. Doen-jang additionally contains acids that combat skin discoloration. So it can help you get and maintain a wrinkle-free, even and bright complexion.


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