K-Culture Fun Facts: Weird Korean habits (Part 2)

You see Koreans who hold a strange finger pose into the camera for a photo? You see two Korean girls who spritz each other’s face with a facial spray? There is an explanation for all this. Curious? Keep reading to find the answers and to get to know a few more weird habits of Koreans.

Fun Fact #1: Koreans like to do “finger-hearts”

For some years now, we’ve been seeing Korean stars on television doing a certain pose in photos. In this pose, they cross their index finger and thumb. The two fingers form a small heart. These "finger-hearts" are supposed to show the other person some affection and love. In most cases, this is a celebrity who gives his fans these little hearts as a fan service. In the meantime, young Koreans in the streets have also started posing with a “finger-heart” for their selfies. By the way, hearts in any form are a popular photo pose in Korea. In addition to the "finger-heart", there are the "hand-hearts". And to show a lot of affection, there are also the "arm-hearts". These can also be done with a partner. One arm of each person forms one half of the heart. So how about trying out a "finger-heart" for your next selfie.


Fun Fact #2: It’s fine to show “cuteness” in Korea no matter at which age

Aegyo (roughly translated "being cute" or “cuteness”) is a typical Korean behavior, which is difficult for foreigners to understand. Aegyo includes all gestures and actions that make a person appear cute and childlike – regardless of their age. For example, aegyo can be: Begging for something in a baby voice in front of your friend. Singing and dancing to children's songs. Pouting, whining and nagging. If foreigners see such behavior among adult Koreans, they probably find it rather strange. In Korea, aegyo (especially coming from young women) is considered attractive and charming.

Fun Fact #3: Koreans wear sheet masks on the plane

We all know that Koreans are totally into sheet masks. Koreans especially like to use them in this location: on a plane. So don’t be surprised, when your seat mates are applying (and often napping) with a sheet mask on the plane. You better do it just like them! Because your skin will appreciate a load of moisture especially on long flights.

Fun Fact #4: Korean women share their facial sprays

You are standing at the traffic light and next to you are two young Korean women. One of them pulls a face spray out of her purse and sprays her face with it. Then she directs the spray to her friend and starts to spritz her face as well. In Korea, it’s almost expected of you to share your facial spray with a friend. Sharing is caring!


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