Is sugar bad for my skin?

Now that the holiday season is over, we thought it’s the best opportunity to talk about the bad effects of sugar on your skin. Why? Because we’re probably all guilty of having enjoyed a bit too much sweet stuff over the past few weeks.

We know a sugar overload can have nasty side effects like weight gain. So many of us go on a sugar diet to lose some pounds. Today we’ll give you two more reasons to skip sweets for a while: Too much sugar can cause premature skin ageing. And it can also cause acne.

1. Sugar can cause acne

When you eat sugar, for example in the form of sweets, your body breaks down the sugar into glucose. Glucose is the elementary form of sugar your body uses as energy. If there is lots of glucose in you, it raises your insulin levels. Insulin is a hormone which controls the amount of sugar in your blood. High levels of insulin then cause inflammations and increased oil production. Two factors that are known to increase the risk of acne and other skin issues like eczema.

Let’s recap: Eating lots of sugar leads to lots of glucose, leads to lots of insulin, leads to inflammations, leads to acne.

2. Sugar can cause premature aging

A lot of sugar in your body can trigger a reaction called glycation. That’s when sugar molecules permanently attach to proteins. And what is THE hero protein in your skin that keeps your skin bouncy and youthful? It’s collagen. When sugar molecules stick themselves to collagen, collagen loses its ability to maintain the elasticity of your skin. The result: sagging skin and wrinkles.

Let’s recap: Eating lots of sugar leads to glycation, leads to breakdown of collagen, leads to skin aging.

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions yet? Maybe you can add this to your list: “I’m not going to have that extra piece of cake – for the sake of my skin.”

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