In-between misting & Why you need facial mists

In Korea, facial mists are a must-have in the purse. They are perfect for refreshing your skin, boosting its moisture level and giving you that healthy glow on the go. Yet, they are not found in a typical 10 step K-Beauty routine…

Here’s a small reminder of the products usually featured in a 10 step routine: (1) make-up remover (2) oil cleanser (3) foam cleanser (4) toner (5) essence (6) serum/ ampoule (7) moisturizer (8) eye cream (9) mask (10) sunscreen.

Nowadays, Korean beauty bloggers have given facial mists more spotlight with this new skincare hack: in-between misting. This means, that they literally apply a few spritzes of facial mists in between each step in their routine. Why? To moisten the skin and increase its capacity to absorb whatever product they apply next. It’s pretty much the same effect that a toner would give you.

For in-between misting to work, you need the newer version of facial mists though. Recently launched Korean facial mists have a super fine application. They almost feel like a fog that surrounds your whole face. This makes sure that whatever you applied before – skincare or make-up – doesn’t get washed away by the mist. In-between misting doesn’t really prolong your routine because it only takes a couple of seconds to do. So give it a try!

Besides in-between misting, there are a couple more reasons for you to stock up on facial sprays:

  1. They are the most convenient on-the-go skincare product. Since you don’t have to use any tools or your hands to apply them, they’re very hygienic. The packaging is also quite practical and durable, so they are perfect for the purse.
  2. They are great for sharing. Your friend’s skin needs a pick-me-up? Just lend her your facial spray!
  3. They can instantly cool down your skin. It’s important to cool down your skin when it’s hot to prevent irritation and possible break-outs. Facial mists are a great solution for heated skin, especially when stored in the fridge.
  4. They are a nice travel buddy. Especially on long flights, your skin needs constant hydration and moisture. Besides making sure to drink lots, applying a facial spray repeatedly keeps your glow on fleek.
  5. They can refresh your make-up. You find that your make-up starts to look cakey? Apply a few spritzes of facial mist to refresh it, remove the parts that have caked up (e.g. around your nose) and then touch it up wherever necessary. Such a quick refreshment is especially great during the dry winter months or if you have dry skin in general.
  6. They can also care for other parts of your body. Your skin feels hot during or after your sun bath? Give it a few spritzes of facial mist to cool and calm it down. Your hair feels dry, coarse and unruly? Spray some on your hair to moisturize it and smooth it down.
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