Improving skin texture: 4 tips for smooth skin

1. Add an oil cleanser to your routine

In Korea, oil cleansers are part of a standard skincare routine. After all, Korean women need it for the famous Double Cleansing method. But in our area many still shy away from oil cleansers. Especially those with oily skin, because they fear that the oil will clog their pores and only promote blemishes. But that’s not the case with oil cleansers! Many impurities and dirt in the skin are oil-soluble. Oil cleansers are therefore particularly effective at loosening dirt and excess sebum from the skin and removing them from the pores. You then wash everything off with water so that the oil cannot even settle in your pores. And fewer clogged pores mean less uneven skin. So bring on the oil cleanser!

2. Regularly remove dead skin layers

Dry spots and layers of dead skin cells lead to a rough skin surface. Exfoliating regularly will help you remove these top layers of skin and reveal new, smooth skin underneath. Our peeling favorites are still chemical peelings. These are those with AHA, BHA or PHA as the main active ingredient. But watch out: the wonderfully smooth feeling after a peeling can easily tempt you to peel too often! We recommend that you do not exfoliate your skin more than once a week. Excessive peeling irritates your skin, damages the skin's protective barrier and can lead to quickly drying and cracked skin.

3. Treat pimples carefully

Another cause of uneven skin are pimples and acne. If you don't treat them properly, they can become inflamed (more) and also leave more lasting damage like acne scars. As soon as you see signs of a pimple, it's best to treat it immediately. Either apply a spot treatment or stick a pimple sticker on. So it doesn't even grow into a nasty, red mound on your face. After the inflammation subsides, apply anti-inflammatory, soothing products to the area. This will further flatten the pimple.

4. Preserve moisture

Koreans swear by intense moisturization to preserve their porcelain skin. Because moisture helps the skin to maintain its elasticity and glow. The skin texture automatically appears smoother and more even. The best moisturizing ingredients are those that both provide and retain moisture. Here are some of our all-time favorites: Aloe Vera, Hyaluronic Acid, Ceramides and Glycerin. Another tip: at night, you can reduce the moisture loss of the skin by applying a sleeping mask before going to bed.

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