How to use rice water for the face

Before talking about what rice water actually does for your skin, let’s clarify what rice water actually is. With rice water we mean the water which has been used to wash rice before it is cooked. Usually rice is washed 2-3 times before cooking. The water during the first wash is tossed away, while the water from the second and third wash is kept for use on the face. Rice water has a milky white color to it.

How to use rice water for your face

Koreans normally use their rice water in 2 ways: They either fill it into a big bowl and use it during face cleansing instead of tab water. So go ahead and wash your face with a cleanser of your choice. Then instead of using tab water, use the rice water to splash your face and wash off all the dirt and impurities.

The second way to use rice water is to turn it into a 2in1 cleansing water and toner. For this, you want to store the rice water in a little bottle. After cleansing your face, soak a cotton pad in the rice water and wipe it across your face. We recommend you to store your DIY rice toner in the fridge and use it for 1-3 days maximum.

The beauty benefits of rice water

Rice water for an even, bright complexion: Rice water is known to help brighten the complexion. It can help dark spots, which you might get due to acne scarring, fade faster. Used on a regular basis, your skin will become more even. Good to know: Don’t worry about rice water actually lightening or bleaching your skin. All it does it work against hyperpigmentation.

Rice water against irritated, damaged skin: Rice water is also known to have soothing properties. That’s why it can help calm down slightly sun burnt or inflamed skin. It can also aid your skin in recovering from damages and wounds.

Good to know: Rice water is not only good for your skin, it’s also good for your hair. So when you have some more leftover rice water, use it to rinse and condition your hair.

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