How to treat pimples - without popping them?!

Here we have 5 methods for you that will help you treat annoying pimples - without having to painfully pop them!

1. Patch it up!

We are big fans of pimple patches. These are small, transparent stickers that are coated with acne-treating active ingredients on the adhesive side. You just stick it on the pimple and let it work for a few hours - or overnight. The earlier you see the pimple coming and patch it up, the more effective they are. If the pimple is already large, swollen and red, the patches will help calm it down and significantly reduce its swelling. Thanks to the patches, no dirt or bacteria can get to the pimple that would only make it worse.

2. Spot treat it!

So-called spot treatments are made to give pimples a targeted treatment. They are usually highly concentrated with acne fighting ingredients like tea tree oil. Korean spot treatments are often not aimed at drying out the pimple. Instead, they have a calming and anti-inflammatory effect and at the same time provide moisture. So the pimple slowly diminishes without your skin being completely dried out and damaged after the treatment.

3. Cool it down!

A bit of cooling down helps, especially with red, swollen pimples. You can do this either with a sheet mask fresh from the refrigerator or with ice rollers. If you don't have an ice roller but a facial massage roller, you can also cool it down in the refrigerator beforehand. Gently apply your coolant to the pimple - but avoid too much pressure or rolling around. The cooling will help depuff the pimple.

4. Be gentle with it!

Rough extracting or touching often goes wrong and can lead to re-inflammation or increased acne scars and hyperpigmentation that take forever to heal. We don't want to do that to our skin! Koreans are always focused on being as gentle as possible with their skin - especially when they get pimples. In addition to carefully applying pimple patches or patiently using spot treatments, they prefer a visit to the dermatologist. There, pimples are treated professionally.

5. Just ignore it!

Instead of looking at them from all sides and touching them all the time, you should just ignore them. Pimples may call for attention in their annoying way, but they also go away so much faster if you just leave them alone. You can help your skin treat pimples yourself by following a “skin-friendly” diet. For example, foods rich in Zinc, Vitamin A, and antioxidants will help you reduce and prevent breakouts.


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