How to transition from summer to autumn skincare

As the temperatures start to drop, the moisture level in the air is also dropping. Plus, we start turning on the heaters in our cars and homes. All this means dry air and consequently – dry skin. For that reason, the key to an effective fall skincare routine is moisture and hydration.

Here are 6 tips on how to maintain your glowy, plump complexion in autumn.

Tip 1: Add extra moisture to your routine

You have many options to increase the moisturization of your skincare routine. For instance, you can exchange your lightweight gel moisturizer (which we all love for the summer) with a richer, thicker moisturizer. You can also add extra steps to your routine. How about a serum or even a facial oil? When choosing new products for the fall season, look out for claims like moisturizing and hydrating. Or look for ingredients that are known to be powerful moisturizers such as hyaluronic acid.

Tip 2: Protective lip care

Your lips also tend to become easily chapped in the colder seasons. So make sure to keep them moisturized as well. We love to use a thick balm or cream that doubles up as overnight moisture camp for the lips. By day, those thick creams act as protective barrier which prevents your lips from drying out.

Tip 3: Overnight care

Use your beauty sleep to supply your skin with the moisture it needs. A good sleeping cream or mask will prevent moisture from escaping your skin overnight. It can support the regeneration process of your skin and you’ll wake up to a plump, youthful complexion.

Tip 4: Instant moisture boost before bed

Our all-time-favorite hack for instantly moisturized skin are sheet masks. Treat yourself to one before you go to bed. This helps the skin recover from all the wind and weather it was exposed to during the day.

Tip 5: Humidify your home

Another way to help your skin keep a healthy moisture level is to use a humidifier in your room. In Korea, people like to have them at home, in the office and also in their cars.

Tip 6: Drink, drink, drink

Obviously, the best way to stay hydrated is to drink enough water throughout the day. Make it a habit to start and end your day with a glass of water. And bring a bottle of water with you while on the go. Your skin will thank you!

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