How to touch up your make-up

A lot of us know the struggle: After a couple of hours, especially after lunch when our pores are extra active with their sebum production, the make-up just doesn’t look so fresh anymore. It starts to cake up around the mouth, nose and eye area. What’s worse? Some smudges of mascara or eyeliner below the eye. The lipstick has started to bleed outside your lip lines… It’s time to properly touch up your make-up!

The biggest mistake you can make is to simply take your beauty sponge or brush and slather some more foundation on top of everything. Then fix it in place again with a ton of powder. Your make-up may look fine again – from afar – but below you just have a heavy mix of excess sebum and layers of make-up your skin doesn’t need. Your complexion is also likely to look dull and unhealthily matte.

Here are 3 easy tips to touch up your make-up properly while keeping that glow.

Tip 1: DIY make-up remover to go

Most of the time your make-up only falls apart in some areas of your face. For instance, around your nose where you tend to be oilier. To perfectly fix those areas, you should first remove all sebum, dirt and make-up. But don’t worry! No need to carry a huge bottle of make-up remover or a pack of make-up wipes with you all the time. Instead use these little DIY make-up erasers. What you need: A cotton swab, some micellar water, cleansing water or liquid make-up remover and a little zip-lock bag. How to make them: Just soak the cotton swabs in whatever liquid remover you have. Then store them away in the zip-lock bag to prevent them from drying out. When you need them, use them to remove the make-up from all affected areas. Finally reapply your foundation in those spots and set it with powder if needed. Also works wonders for smudged eyeliner or lipstick. These DIY make-up erasers are much more precise than a make-up wipe. So you don’t end up messing up the rest of your make-up.

Tip 2: Multi-purpose moisturizer

A little moisturizer can go a long way, so always carry a mini-sized one in your purse. Got no remover at hand? Use a bit of moisturizer and massage it around the areas you need to remove. It basically works like a remover balm and slowly melts off the make-up. Got some dry patches that make-up can just not cover? Before reapplying your make-up, apply a thin layer of moisturizer as primer. Your make-up will go on much smoother now. Got chapped lips that make any lipstick look terrible? Apply a generous amount of moisturizer on your lips, then take a facial wipe and gently exfoliate your lips. The moisturizer additionally conditions your lips. Your lipstick will glide on perfectly now.

Tip 3: Facial mists for the win

We always say that a facial mist is a must-have in your purse. And we’ll say it again! Give your skin a few spritzes before reapplying your make-up. That way you’ll start with a fresh, hydrated canvas again. Finish off your touch-up with a few spritzes. And voilà! Your glow is back on fleek. If your make-up just starts to look a bit dull, a facial mist can bring it back to life. So make sure you carry one around and spritz away whenever your skin and make-up need an instant pick-me-up.

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