How to minimize pores

Enlarged pores are the skincare nightmare of many of us. Especially if you recognize them with the naked eye and they do not give a nice sight under make-up. The fact is that pores become more visible with age. Because with age the skin loses its elasticity and pores automatically become bigger and longer.

So is it hopeless?

No, it’s not! Preventing premature aging of the skin is a good starting point. And there are also some ingredients that help to keep your pores clean and help them even shrink. Below we show you our 7 top tips against enlarged pores.

Tip #1: It all starts with proper face cleansing

The first step to minimizing the appearance of pores is to keep those pores clean. Accumulated dirt and gunk makes pores expand and enlarge. So proper daily cleansing is key. The fact that Koreans love their double cleanse shows how serious they take face cleansing. And from the look of their seemingly pore-less porcelain skin, it sure pays off! How to make your cleansing extra effective: Before showering, remove your make-up with make-up remover first. Then hop into the shower. The steam of your shower helps open up your pores. Now is the perfect time to thoroughly cleanse the face as the pores are willingly releasing all that gunk. Make sure to cleanse especially well in the evening to get rid of everything your pores accumulated during the day. How to double cleanse like the Koreans: The first step of cleansing is done with an oil-based cleanser. This breaks down all the make-up and literally melts all off your face. The second step of cleansing is done with a water-based cleanser (those that foam up when in contact with water). This thoroughly cleanses away all left-over make-up and deep-cleanses the pores.

Tip #2: Use a chemical peel once in a while

Peeling your skin is crucial as it removes dead skin cells that also like to accumulate in your pores. When it comes to peeling, less is actually more. Don’t overdue it by peeling every single day. Depending on your skin type once a week (oily skin type) or even once every 2 weeks (dry and sensitive skin type) is enough. Koreans swear by gentle chemical peels. These peelings usually contain AHA (alpha hydroxyl acid) or BHA (beta hydroxyl acid) that are able to gently yet very effectively remove dead skin cells, sebum and other pore-clogging stuff. They leave your skin smooth and glowy. Don’t forget to quickly apply a toner and moisturizer to prevent your newly born skin from drying out!

Tip #3: Be careful with oils

Oils in a skincare routine are a tricky thing. For some it works wonders. For some it’s a disaster. That’s why we don’t necessarily recommend oils for beginners. If you’re a K-Beauty pro and up for a challenge, we got one for you: The skin naturally produces oil (sebum) so it doesn’t dry out. So when it feels extra dry (can happen e.g. if you over-cleanse your skin), it naturally produces more oil. If you find a facial oil that fits your skin’s needs well, it can actually cause your skin to produce less sebum. Hence, less material that could clog and enlarge your pores. It’s really all in the right balance!

Tip #4: Use the pore purifying power of clay & charcoal

Clay and charcoal are known for their purifying benefits. They are often found in cleansers, peelings and masks. We recommend you to treat your skin to a good clay mask after finishing a thorough cleansing and peeling routine. Now that your pores are clean, a clay mask can further minimize the pores leaving you with k-beautiful smooth skin.

Tip #5: And again… sunscreen is your best friend

You know what we’re about to tell you again… Apply your sunscreen! Now you’ll have one more reason to make sunscreen a habit. We all know that sun exposure causes premature skin ageing. And what happens with aged skin? It loses elasticity. It starts to sag, wrinkles form and pores enlarge. If you don’t want any of that to happen, protect your skin with products that have SPF (sun protection factor). And remember: Even on cloudy days harmful sun rays can get to your skin. So make sure to wear sunscreen on a daily basis, regardless of the weather outside.

Tip #6: Try out a retinol product

Retinol is known to promote cell turnover by boosting collagen production. Hence, it helps re-surface new fresh skin. It basically fights skin ageing and pore enlargement which is one sign of skin ageing. Additionally retinol is able to reduce sebum production so that no nasty oils can’t clog your pores. A little watch-out for skincare beginners: Retinol can irritate your skin at first. You’ll need to get pass that initial irritation for it to work though. Either way, it’s best to start with a product that’s not highly concentrated with retinol. That way your skin can slowly adapt and get used to it. And also don’t jump into daily usage from the very beginning. Try to apply it once a week and observe your skin’s reaction first.

Tip #7: Don’t be harsh to your skin

Tugging, pulling and rubbing at your skin does absolutely no good! It can cause premature skin ageing, formation of wrinkles and also enlarge your pores. Also, don’t remove your blackheads by force. Meaning, by pushing them out with your fingers. This can damage your skin and also lead to sagging pores in the long run. Instead we recommend you use blackhead removal strips. These strips are applied on wet skin, then removed once the skin and strip are fully dry. As you remove the strip, you’ll find all your blackheads stuck to the strip. Bye-bye blackheads – hello pore-less skin!

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