How to get started with K-Beauty

Should I try those hyped creams with snail slime? Should I go for the 10 step routine straight away? Hold on, hold on… no need to start with the extremes. Before you know it, you might come to dislike K-Beauty – just because the first thing you tried was not for you. Of course, we’d like to avoid that!

Here are 3 ways to ease yourself into the world of K-Beauty – while falling in love with it bit by bit:



There are some K-Beauty products that are perfect for beginners because they’re effective, yet super fun and easy to use. Our all time favorite: sheet masks. Though masks were not invented in Korea, they definitely turned into a sensation in Korea. Today there are so many types of them, that you will surely find a match. How to choose the right mask for you: What skin trouble are you going through these days? Do you have dry, itchy skin? Then look for a hydrating mask. Do you have dull, tired skin? Then look for a brightening, revitalizing mask. Another way to choose a mask is to go for specific ingredients. You’re a fan of sweets? Go for a mask with chocolate milk (but don’t eat it ;). You’re into fruits? Choose from the wide variety of fruit inspired masks like watermelon or peach. Best thing about those masks is that you can use them whenever you want to. Just open the sachet, place the mask on your face and leave it on for 15-20 minutes. And there you go – a nice shot of K-Beauty.



You’re up for more than just the occasional shot of K-Beauty? Then let’s infuse your daily skincare routine with a k-beautiful touch. For this method, you want to find a K-Beauty product that upgrades your skincare game without you having to change your entire routine. Our best bet: a facial spray. You wouldn’t believe what a bit of face misting can do for your skin. Spray it on after cleansing to kickstart your skincare routine with a light mist of moisture and nutrients. Spray it on before applying moisturizer to moisten the skin and enhance the penetration of the caring ingredients in your moisturizer. Spray it on your make-up for a healthy glow. Spray it on during the day to refresh your complexion. Bottom line: just spray it on – wherever, whenever. When choosing the right facial mist, we recommend you look for claims that answer to your skin’s needs. We love to have a small range of different sprays at hand: one for intense moisture with a lot of hydrating ingredients, one for protective care with Vitamin E and one for brightening with Vitamin C.



You’re up for a real change and are ready to start your K-Beauty adventure with a new routine? Before plunging into a 10 step routine, you might want to take it a bit easier with a 3 step routine. Essentially, all K-Beauty routines are built around these 3 pillars: cleanse, prep and care. So all you need to get started are 3 products: a cleanser, a toner and a moisturizer. Look for ones that are fun to use, yet highly effective. K-Beauty products are striving to give you a pleasant and entertaining experience with the help of fun textures, colors and scents. At the same time, they take your skin very seriously. They are loaded with effective active ingredients that give instant and long-term benefits to your skin. How to find products like this? Right here! The GLIMBASE-Set is exactly what you need for your first mini K-Beauty routine.


The GLIMBASE-SET is the basic equipment for your care routine. Based on the glimyu C + P + C [+ P] formula, this product trio offers you everything you need on the way to your #skingoals. GLIMCLEAN cleanses your skin gently but thoroughly, GLIMFRESH prepares your skin for intensive care and finally GLIMCARE provides it with a concentrated load of moisture and nutrients.


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