How to add fun to a minimal skincare routine

You want to give your skin a break from that multi-step routine with ten and more products? Or you just want to consume more consciously and have less clutter on your vanity? Whatever the motivation is, that minimal skincare routine is resonating with many of us these days and it’s said to stay a major trend in the beauty world.

Today you can call it by many terms. Skipcare and Skinimalism are two of the most common names of this trend. And just as numerous as the trend’s names are, the ways to practice it are also manifold. You can cut back your routine to go from ten to five or even all the way to a one-step routine. How do brands make that possible for you? They increasingly launch multifunctional or even do-it-all products which let one product serve multiple purposes.

But if you are a skincare-enthusiast like we are, and like to try out all the new exciting products or experiment with new textures and ingredients regularly – then limiting yourself to a hand full of products can be really tough and boring. Don’t you agree?

Here are some tips on how you don’t miss out on all the fun, variety and novelties while maintaining a streamlined minimal skincare routine.

Have two separate mini routines for the day and night: Having two separate mini routines with different products for your morning and evening routine can spice up your daily routine. And with just four products, you are still very far from that 10-step regime. So instead of using the same serum throughout the day and every day, choose a serum for the morning which can accommodate your skin’s needs during the day. This could be for instance a protective, energizing or glow-enhancing serum. For the night a regenerating, nourishing or moisture-retaining serum would be a good choice. Apply that principle to the choice of your day and night moisturizer, too. Last thing you need is a cleanser for both day and night.

Bring in some variety through a range of mists: Keep your base routine super simple with a maximum of 3-5 products which you will use both day and night. But spoil yourself and your skin with an arrangement of fun facial mists to pick and choose from according to your mood and need. This hack also works perfectly with a range of sheet masks.

Switch out some products occasionally: You own several moisturizers, serums and essences and they just lie around cluttering up your vanity? Store away all of them except for one of each. One moisturizer, one serum, one essence. Use only those three in your daily routine. After a while, when you start to get sick of them and want to switch things up a bit, exchange your current product trio with a new trio from the products you have stored away. We also use this method to cater to our skin’s regularly changing needs. If our skin needs some extra moisture, then we pull up highly moisturizing products and use those in our daily routine. If it feels extra sensitive, then we make sure there’s at least one soothing and calming product within our product trio.

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