glimyu Ingredient Bible (Part 5): Ginseng

A little about the history of ginseng

Ginseng is a yellowish root with a herby, sweet taste. In Chinese traditional medicine, ginseng is one of the main ingredients. Among other things, the root can strengthen the immune system, support brain functions, and increase stamina and vitality. Even today you can find ginseng in many tonics and nutritional supplements. It wasn't until many thousands of years later that ginseng began not only to be consumed but also to be applied to the skin. Nowadays you find it everywhere in K-beauty products – from eye creams to masks.

Ginseng's effects on the skin

Ginseng is mainly known for its powerful anti-aging effects. Therefore it earned itself nicknames like "Fountain of Youth" or "Root of Immortality". But ginseng can do a lot more:

1. Has strong antioxidant properties and can therefore protect the skin from free radicals and consequently from premature aging

2. Stimulates the blood circulation and collagen production and thus supports the cell metabolism for a wrinkle-free, rosy, radiant complexion

3. Has anti-inflammatory effects, which may help with pimples

4. Has a de-puffing effect, which can be particularly helpful against puffy eyes or dark circles

Fancy ginseng? Our GLIMNIGHT Sleeping Mask contains ginseng extract, which helps regenerate damaged skin and counteracts skin aging overnight.

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