Glass skin, honey skin, cloudless skin and Korea's #skingoals

Glass skin, honey skin, cloudless skin… These terms all describe the appearance of the skin that Koreans aspire to. What exactly is behind these trends and how can you turn them into your #skingoals - we have the details!



Honey skin (꿀피부 ggul-pi-bu) is the trend that first made headlines in non-Korean media. The term describes healthy skin that is particularly even, naturally radiant and appears poreless. The word "honey" stands less for the similarity of the skin to honey, but rather describes the yellowish undertone in Asian skin. To obtain honey skin, many moisturizing products are used - especially those in liquid form such as facial oils and ampoules.



You can think of dewy skin as an upgrade of honey skin. Your skin is naturally slightly shiny. For the dewy skin trend this natural shine is discreetly emphasized, so your skin literally has a coat of moist dew on it. Compared to honey skin, dewy skin is much more popular with international beauty lovers. The term "dewy" has become an official term in the make-up world. Instead of matte make-up suddenly everyone wanted the dewy look. If you compare the Asian dewy look with the European or American, you’ll notice some differences. In Korea, dewy skin describes glowing, naturally moist skin that radiates from the inside. The two terms 속광 (sok-gwang, inner light) and 물광 (mul-gwang, water lustre) are often used to describe dewy skin. In order to achieve the look, skincare products are used to moisturise and nourish the skin and to keep the skin radiant and bouncy. In Europe and America, people try to achieve the dewy look predominantly with make-up products, e.g. shimmering highlighters and the so-called "dewy sticks" - transparent lip balm-like products that put a fine shine on the skin. But watch out: dewy is not to be confused with oily! You don’t want that oil film on the T-zone. What you want is a slight excess of moisture on the skin that makes the whole skin radiate.


Korean for skincare lovers:

꿀피부 ggul-pi-bu, honey skin

유리피부 yu-ri-pi-bu, glass skin

맑은피부, mal-geun-pi-bu, clear skin

속광, sok-gwang, glow from the inside

물광, mul-gwang, water glow



The dewy skin trend was popular throughout 2017. At the end of 2017, a new term made headlines: glass skin (유리 피부 yu-ri-pi-bu). And again, the picture of healthy, well moisturized skin got upgraded! Glass skin is less about moist skin and more about actually wet skin. The motto is: the more moisture on the skin, the more beautiful and younger you look. On Korean social media channels you can find many selfies that were taken directly after completing the skincare routine or after applying a sheet mask. The skin appears wet in the photos because the serum of the mask is not quite absorbed yet. The word "glass" also describes the somewhat transparent nature of the skin. It is no secret that Korean women prefer very fair skin - so fair that it resembles glass or white marble. In the make-up world, a variation of the glass skin look emerged: the wet look. For this look you typically use lip gloss-like products to set wet accents on the eye lids or lips (or even the whole face).



At the beginning of 2018 yet another trend popped up: cloudless skin (맑은 피부, mal-geun-pi-bu). This trend describes a different direction than the dewy and glass skin look. Cloudless skin describes skin that is free of acne, scars, sun damage and hyperpigmentation. In other words, skin as clear as a cloudless sky. In order to achieve cloudless skin, products with skin-soothing, skin-regenerating and skin-protecting elements are applied. Above all, exfoliation becomes the most important step in the routine as it is seen as the basis for revealing new radiant skin. Cloudless skin also depends on proper skin cleansing. That is because the skin only remains clear on the long term through a proper cleansing routine. Also important is the correct treatment of acne and other skin problems, so that scarring does not occur. Last but not least, sun protection becomes more important than ever. We all know that sun exposure is one of the main reasons for skin damage and discoloration.


#skingoals in Korea: Whether it‘s glass skin, cloudless skin or honey skin… they all stand for one common thing: Enviable flawless skin that is solely created and preserved through proper skincare.



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