Famous Korean make-up artists

Today we'll give you more insights into the world of K-Beauty. Who sets the K-Beauty trends? Who influences the beauty ideals in Korea? In a previous blog post we learned that there is a strong link between K-Pop, K-Drama and K-Beauty. Korean celebrities are commonly taken as beauty role models. Their skincare hacks, make-up looks and beauty secrets are being copied by all Koreans (and by beauty fans worldwide).

Did you know that Korean celeb make-up artists are also influencing and shaping the beauty ideals in Korea? After all they are the ones who make sure all those K-Pop idols and K-Drama actors and actresses look flawless on screen. Some of them enjoy celebrity status themselves! They are active as beauty bloggers. They have their own beauty brand. And they are often featured in television shows as beauty expert. 

Let's have a look at the ones you should definitely check out:


Pony is a make-up artist and beauty influencer who’s known in all of Asia. Her almost 5 million followers on YouTube (Pony Syndrome) and 6 million followers on Instagram (@ponysmakeup) prove that. Her characteristics are daring hair colors, color lenses and of course, insta-ready make-up looks. In terms of fashion and beauty, she’s on the same level as all those K-Stars. On her channels, you find diverse make-up tutorials, travel vlogs and more. Pony has her own beauty brand called Pony Effect.


Jung Saem Mool is an award-winning make-up artist. Many big K-Pop singers and K-Drama actresses owe their stage-ready make-up to Jung Saem Mool. She’s also leading an institute to train aspiring make-up artists and painters. If that weren’t enough to prove her status on the beauty scene, she also has two brands – MULE and JUNGSAEMMOOL. On her YouTube channel (JUNGSAEMMOOL) and her Instagram account (@jsmbeauty_) you find many professional make-up tutorials and beauty tips.


Cho Sung Ah has also proved herself as skillful make-up artist as she has worked for many big K-Stars. With more than 25 years in the beauty business, she created her first make-up brand – ChoSungAh22 – in 2005. Later on the sister brand 16Brand followed. Both brands mirror her opinion that beauty should be “simply & fun” for all women and girls. And we agree!

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