Eye care - How to properly care for your eye area

The skin around the eyes is thinner and more sensitive compared to the other parts of the face. Although the skin is so delicate there, it needs to work a lot! We move and fold it around every time we smile, squint our eyes, or just open and close them. All of this promotes wrinkles and fine lines. And that's exactly why the first wrinkles appear in the eye region for many of us. Apart from that - as if that wasn't bad enough - some of us also suffer from puffy eyes in the morning or dark circles under the eyes when stressed and tired.

How do you best counteract these problems? The right eye (skin)care! First, let's talk about your eye cream choices. When asked whether you need a separate cream for your eyes, opinions are often divided. We advocate using extra products for your eye region. As already mentioned, the skin around the eyes is different. Not only is it thinner, it also has fewer sebum glands and is more prone to drying out and forming wrinkles. Eye creams tend to have a higher oil content to counteract the lower sebum production. The concentration and type of nourishing ingredients also differs from your typical moisturizer. Eye creams are formulated so that they can protect, care for and maintain the skin around the eyes in a targeted and optimal way.

By the way: In addition to the eye cream, there are other types of products for your eye region. Especially in the K-Beauty world! Eye gel, for example, is a more pleasant choice for the hot summer months. The cooling texture also calms the skin. There are also eye serums, eye butter and eye ampoules. Highly concentrated and thicker textures are more suitable for more mature skin with pre-existing wrinkles. Lighter textures, on the other hand, are recommended for beginners. When is the best time to start with the eye cream? In your twenties. In Korea, however, the general rule is: the earlier, the better! And if you are already in your thirties or older - better late than never!

Now we want to give you a few dos and don'ts of eye care.


  1. Dab the eye cream around the eyes and pat it in very gently
  2. Use your ring finger when applying eye cream, because this is the weakest of all your fingers
  3. Put your eye cream (especially during summer) in the refrigerator for an extra cooling effect - this works against puffiness and dark circles
  4. Gently massage with an eye roller (small face roller) - this stimulates the blood circulation and works against wrinkles
  5. Apply eye patches or masks every now and then
  6. Wear sunglasses in strong sunlight, because this not only protects against harmful UV rays but also prevents squinting which can cause wrinkles


  1. No rubbing of the eyes - that promotes wrinkles
  2. No rough peeling, especially when using products with peeling particles - this often irritates the eye area
  3. Skincare layering by using several eye care products is not really necessary, because fortunately the needs of the skin around the eyes are not as diverse as on other areas of the face (which also need to combat pimples, hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores, etc.)
  4. Never go to sleep with eye makeup on - be sure to remove your mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadows before bed
  5. Better not pull the eyelid backwards with your finger in order to apply your eyeliner more easily - this also only promotes wrinkles
  6. Do not tear fake lashes from your eyes violently - it is better to soften the eyelash glue beforehand with warm water or a make-up remover and then slowly and gently peel off the fake lashes

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