DIY facial massages

Why do Koreans like facial massages that much? Main reason for that is the Korean beauty ideal. In Korea, people consider a small, slim face with a v-shaped chin line as especially beautiful. You heard it: When someone in Korea calls your face small and v-shaped – then that’s a compliment! Facial massages are a popular way to achieve that desired face shape.

Usually you would use extra massaging tools for such a facial massage. Those tools are often called face rollers. Most of them resemble mini rolling pins that you can roll over your face. More precisely: You roll them over the outer areas of your face, namely your forehead, cheeks, jaw and neck area. Face rollers come in many different variations. Some are made of wood, some of silicone and others of crystals like jade and quartz.

You don’t have a face roller at hand? No problem! A facial massage with these 3 household items works just as fine:




A spoon massage is especially good for reducing face and eye puffiness in the morning. For this massage you simply roll the bottom part of the spoon over your eyes. Be especially gentle here. Then repeat this on your cheeks and jaw area. Smart tip: Put a spoon in the fridge the evening before. In the morning you can enjoy an extra cool massage. The coolness helps further reduce puffy areas.




To reduce puffiness an ice cube massage is also great. For this massage you use an ice cube and massage it over the puffy areas with circular motions. To avoid dripping and wet hands you can wrap the ice cube into a soft towel. Ice cubes are also perfect for chilling down angry pimples. Just place some ice on the pimple for a little while. This helps reduce inflammation, pain and redness. Summer tip: You just came back from sun bathing? An ice cube massage will cool and calm down your skin.




To prevent or fade wrinkles you can try out the shot glass massage. Why a shot glass? The compact size of a shot glass gives you sufficient control over the pressure and direction of movement during the massage. For this massage you use the glass rim. And how do you massage your face with this glass? Place the glass rim between your eyebrows. Then slide it upwards across your forehead. This helps prevent or fade forehead wrinkles. This massage also works well against laugh lines. Puff up your cheeks with air first. Then place the glass on your upper lip and slide it sideward across your cheeks.


It also works without any tools: You can also use your hands to massage your face. But be careful not to put too much pressure or tug on the skin too harshly. To reduce friction, you can apply a facial oil or a generous amount of moisturizer before starting the massage.


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