DIY banana mask

Bananas - and especially banana peels - are particularly rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Therefore, they are exactly the right ingredient for a DIY face mask. After using the mask, your skin will shine visibly and appear younger. It gets even better: because of the antibacterial effect thanks to the zinc it contains, the mask also helps with acne. Your acne scars will heal faster and the chance of new pimples is reduced. In addition, it also moisturizes your skin. It's no wonder that Koreans swear by this mask too.

A few more tips before we get to the recipe: The banana should be quite ripe (preferably spotty brown). Then it can be best processed into a mask. And it's best to use organic bananas. This will prevent pesticides and other unwanted chemicals from getting on your skin.

So don't throw your banana peel away yet! Because you can turn it into a simple but effective face mask in three short steps:

  1. Take a spoon and scrape off the whitish pulp from the bottom of the banana peel.
  2. Gently massage the banana pulp into your face with your hands.
  3. Wash everything off with lukewarm water. Done!
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