Clean Beauty in Korea

Before we take a closer look at the topic in Korea - what is Clean Beauty actually? There is no clear definition for it, because every country, every brand, every consumer understands something different by the term. But we can tell you a few aspects that often fall under Clean Beauty:

  • Use of sustainable packaging materials
  • Use of natural or organic ingredients
  • Leaving out harmful or toxic ingredients
  • Leaving out ingredients that tend to cause irritation or allergies
  • Formulations with minimal, very few ingredients
  • Vegan formulations
  • No animal testing

In Korea, sustainability, and in this context, Clean Beauty is becoming increasingly important. This is exactly why the big brands and organizations from the beauty industry in Korea recently joined forces to adopt the “2030 Cosmetic Plastic Initiative”. The aim of this extensive campaign is to significantly reduce the plastic waste generated by the cosmetics industry, e.g. through recycling.

At the brand level, we are finding more and more Korean brands launching Clean Beauty product lines. In addition, there are a number of K-Beauty brands that already had a sustainable and natural image from the start and therefore benefit from the Clean Beauty boom.

Innisfree, for example, made positive headlines earlier this year when they launched their bestselling Green Tea Seed Serum in a paper bottle instead of the normal plastic bottle. Amuse recently launched their Eye Am Vegan collection, which includes vegan mascaras and eyeshadow palettes. Belif is another K-Beauty brand that fits perfectly into the clean beauty category, as it completely omits ingredients that are potentially irritating or harmful to the skin.

These are just a few examples and we are sure that Clean Beauty in Korea (and everywhere else in the world) will continue to be relevant and more brands will jump on this trend. It is precisely for this reason that we at glimyu made sure from the start, that our products are cruelty-free, vegan and free of questionable ingredients such as parabens.

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