Caring make-up - When make-up meets skincare

Color & Care, Hybrid Beauty Products, Tinted Skincare Products, Caring Make-Up… are just a few ways to call this fusion between skincare and make-up. The very first manifestations of this phenomenon are probably your typical tinted moisturizer or BB cream. They are essentially make-up products that are infused with caring benefits to help improve your complexion in the long run.

Nowadays, especially with the pandemic and mask-wearing, we put less focus on make-up. The few make-up products remaining in our daily beauty routine are expected to further aid the skin in maintaining a healthy state and combatting skin issues, like redness or maskne (= acne caused by mask-wearing).

Korean brands recognized this new expectation towards make-up products early on. Take their signature cushion foundations, for instance. Latest launches are infused with calming ingredients, such as Centella Asiatica, to help the skin prevent and treat maskne. Or look at all the new lip tints. These vibrant lip products used to take a huge toll on the lips as they dried them out quickly. Today they are formulated with a range of caring ingredients like essential oils or butters to prevent dry or chapped lips and improve wearing comfort. Trending lipsticks these days are also more on the shiny and sheer side and packed with a cocktail of nourishing ingredients.

Generally, you will find more of these skincare and make-up hybrids in the face and lip product category. Not only, because these two areas suffered most from mask-wearing. But also because Koreans put more importance on lastingness and effects in their eye products. Mascaras for example are often required to be super water-proof and smudge-proof while delivering an excellent curl effect. While Korean eyeshadows are often known for their impactful glitter or metallic finishes as well as long-lastingness and crease-proofness. That’s how the caring aspect in these products usually falls short. Which doesn’t mean that you won’t find any hybrid products among these products!

Did we trigger your desire for caring make-up products? No need to be sad, if you cant immediately buy them. There are ways you can make them yourself! We’ve always been huge advocates of mixing foundations with a bit of serum or moisturizer. Not only will you get a more lightweight and natural coverage and finish, you will also add a good load of caring benefits to your make-up. Mixing your own lip tint is a bit more tricky. If you take a liquid lipstick and try to infuse it with some lip oil, you usually have to make some compromises in lastingness and color vibrancy. Surely, you don’t want your lip color to be too sheer or to slip and slide all over the place! Instead we recommend you prime your lips with a good lip balm before applying your lipstick. You can even top your lips off with a bit of lip balm at the end to seal in that moisture.

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