Beauty tips for the Holidays

Even if we will all celebrate a little differently this year than usual - we will not miss a few small (virtual) parties and drinks. In between all the Christmas cookies and mulled wine glasses, however, you shouldn't neglect your skincare. After all, we don't want to wake up on Christmas Eve with blemished skin!

Leave room for some self-care moments

Even if spending time with friends and family is important at Christmas time, always plan in a little time for yourself. Treat yourself e.g. to a bath at the end of a long day or just lie down on the couch with a sheet mask and watch your favourite Christmas movie. So you can relax and let go of today’s stress. This also has a positive effect on your skin and saves you from those annoying stress pimples.

Today let’s go alcohol-free

Did you know that alcohol can have a negative impact on your skin? Alcoholic drinks extract water from you and your skin and thus promote the formation of wrinkles. So alcohol literally makes you look old.

Christmas cookies - yes, but in moderation!

Cookies and chocolate are simply part of the festive season. But don't overdo it with the sweet snacks for the sake of your skin. Eating sugary foods can stimulate your skin to produce more sebum. Excessive sebum can clog your pores and cause breakouts.

Before bedtime…

... be sure to cleanse your face! The biggest beauty sin is going to bed with make-up on. No matter how tired you are at night, make sure to remove your make-up thoroughly before you indulge in your well-deserved beauty sleep. This is how you wake up the next morning without any skin dilemma.

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