Beauty resolutions for 2019

Often times it’s the little things that can make a world of a difference. That saying fits perfectly to some of the hacks we’ll show you below. They will change your whole beauty and skincare game and will bring you a step closer to your personal #skingoals – if you stick to them!


Beauty resolution #1

Hands off your face: Let’s face it. It doesn’t matter how often and how thoroughly we wash our hands. As we’re bound to touch a lot of things in our everyday life, there is just a lot of gunk that lands on our hands. Dirt, bacteria, germs… you certainly don’t want any of that on your face! So think twice before you touch your face and it may spare you a breakout or two. Get rid of the habit of resting your head and face in your hands. Try not to rub your eyes with your hands. Don’t rub and squish your face at the end of the day or in the morning, thinking that this rough massage might wake you up. Of course, there’s one occasion where your hands are absolutely needed: during your skincare routine. But before you apply any products, make sure to wash your hands really well!


Beauty resolution #2

Clean your brushes often: When have you last washed your make-up brushes and sponges? A month ago or even longer ago? Then it’s about time you give them a good cleanse! If you re-use your brush too many times without washing them, you’ll let them collect product, dust and dirt. Every time you dip it back into your make-up products you end up contaminating those as well. And worst thing about all this, you keep putting all that gunk on your face whenever you use those brushes to apply your make-up. This can cause breakouts and even severe infections. You can use a brush cleansing spray or make-up remover wipes to give the brushes a quick cleanse in between each use. We recommend washing your brushes thoroughly once a week.


Beauty resolution #3

Detox your vanity: As soon as the New Year rings in, a kind of cleaning frenzy hits many of us. We suddenly want the house to be squeaky clean and feel like we need to declutter the attic, the storage room, the wardrobe. Have you experienced the same? There’s one more place you should consider decluttering while you’re at it: your cosmetics collection. You’re a beauty lover and proud owner of a vast skincare and make-up assortment? Then it’s definitely worth going through all of your beauty treasures. One good reason for that is that some of the products might have passed their expiration date. So get rid of those! Others might be collecting dust and are better off with a new owner. And who knows you might find a long lost beauty favorite that was hidden in the back of your drawer all this time.


Beauty resolution #4

No make-up days: Skip all the make-up from time to time to give your face some rest. If your profession requires you to look your best at all times, how about trying out a more natural look. Instead of that heavy full coverage foundation, a nourishing serum foundation or weightless BB cream might work just as fine. Let’s focus on skincare instead of make-up this year to create that perfect complexion from the very base. Your new beauty motto could be: skin first, make-up second.


Beauty resolution #5

Make sun protection a habit: We just can’t emphasize the importance of sun protection for the skin often enough. Sun exposure is a main cause of skin damage and ageing. We know it’s hard to believe in the necessity of sun protection when you’re in your teens or tweens and your skin seems to cope with the sun just well. And it’s even harder to believe that those harmful sun rays are even present when it’s all cloudy outside. But as you get older and your skin becomes less resilient the effects of sun exposure, such as sun spots and wrinkles, will quickly show. And we’re not even talking about severe issues like sun burns or even skin cancer. When should you start sun protection? As soon as possible! In Asia sun protection is a must for all ages. Next time you wonder how a 50 year old Korean woman still looks like she’s 20. Know that one of her secrets is very likely daily sun protection.


It may take a bit more than those five points to get to your #skingoals. But we think it’s a good place to start. Are you already practicing any of the points above?


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