All about double cleansing

Does double cleansing sound unfamiliar to you still? Then it is high time for you to learn how to properly do it! Are you already a master in double cleansing? Then you might still learn a few useful tricks in this post!

What is double cleansing?

As the name suggests, this is a facial cleansing method that cleanses the skin twice. The method has its origin in South Korea and has meanwhile achieved cult status. In the first step, an oil-based cleanser, usually a cleansing oil or a cleansing balm, is applied to dry skin. This step removes all oil-soluble dirt from the skin such as sebum, sunscreen products, and most make-up products. After everything has been rinsed off with water, a water-based cleanser is then applied to damp skin in the second step. Water-based cleaners are now available in many different variants, e.g. cleansing foam, cleansing milk or cleansing lotion. How do you best recognize them? At the very top of their ingredient list, you'll find aqua (water). In this second wash, sweat and other water-soluble dirt as well as all residues from the first wash are removed from the skin. Rinse one last time with water and the double cleansing method is done!

Alternatively, Korean women apply a separate make-up remover before using the oil cleanser to first get rid of stubborn, waterproof eye and lip make-up. And some even go a step further by using a cleansing water or cleansing toner after completing the double cleansing. We recommend these extra steps for days when you have applied a lot of make-up or after an action-packed day trip outdoors, after a lot of sweat and dirt has accumulated on your skin.

Double cleansing Q&A

Is it necessary to use the double cleansing method every day, both in the morning and in the evening? No, not necessary! In the morning, a simple wash with a gentle cleansing foam is sufficient. Or wiping the skin with a cotton pad soaked in toner or cleansing water. After all, at most a little sebum and dust will collect on your skin overnight, for which double cleansing is not necessary.

Do you really need two different cleansers? By definition, you actually need two cleansers, one oil-based and one water-based. But there are creative solutions to achieve a comparable cleansing result. By using a bi-phase make-up remover (which is also oil-based) you can save yourself the oil cleanser. Simply soak a few cotton pads with the remover and gently wipe your face with them until you can hardly find any dirt or make-up residue on the pads. Then apply your water-based facial cleanser to remove any remaining impurities. Even better: With our GLIMCLEAN Jelly Cleansing Balm you can also do a double cleansing. Use the balm once on dry skin and once on damp skin. The texture effectively loosens oil-soluble dirt from the skin in the first step and removes the remaining dirt along with the water in the second step. Thanks to the gentle formulation and nourishing oils, multiple applications are no problem at all for your skin.

Is double cleansing also suitable for dry, sensitive skin? But of course, because thorough cleansing is absolutely necessary - regardless of the skin type. When choosing your cleanser, pay attention to a gentle formulation that is explicitly also suitable for sensitive skin. Perfume-free and pH-neutral cleansers are also good choices as they are also less irritating to the skin. Also, be on the lookout for moisturizing properties and ingredients that will nourish your skin as you cleanse. We also recommend that you do not use the double cleansing method every day.

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