• How to get started with K-Beauty

    You find the K-Beauty world super exciting, you know all the basics and are very ready to give it a try? Yet, something stops you: Where and how do I get started? We know how overwhelming K-Beauty can be for first timers and beginners. And we got you covered! Here are some simple ways to get started with K-Beauty.
  • Wash away your skin troubles!

    Today we’ll show you 4 simple hacks that help you to literally wash away some of your skin dilemmas. What you need? Just some ingredients that you most likely already have in your kitchen.
  • The chok-chok make-up trend

    If there's a Korean word you must know as beauty pro, then it's "chok-chok". It's a term Koreans use to describe moist, glowing, plump and bouncy young skin. In this post, we'll show you how to get your chok-chok on!
  • This is what your skin never gets tired of: hydration

    Koreans just can’t get enough of it. Morning, noon, evening, at night and in between. It runs like a red thread through all K-Beauty routines. And ultimately, it’s the key to fresh, youthful skin. We’re talking about hydration.
  • The 7 skin method

    It's winter. Outside it’s freezing. Inside the heaters are turned up. The air is dry and your skin feels just as dry. A moisture kick is needed - and fast! We have the solution for you: the 7 skin method.
  • The beauty hacks of the K-Stars

    Radiant baby skin with 50! How do Korean actresses like Kim Hee-Ae do that? Perfect skin both in front of and behind the camera! How do K-Pop stars like the girls from Red Velvet manage that? In this post, we’ll share some K-Star beauty secrets with you.
  • The No Make-up Look: How to in 4 steps

    There are some who make themselves look insta-ready with the help of make-up. And then there are others who prefer the no make-up look over artificial perfection. It’s time we take the no make-up trend serious! The motto is: Skincare as make-up. The magic formula: K-Beauty. We'll show you the Korean way of mastering the no make-up look!
  • The 10 step routine from Korea

    For many, the legendary Korean 10 step beauty routine is the centrepiece of K-Beauty. That's why we have taken a very close look at the infamous routine to perfect skin! What’s hidden behind these 10 steps is not only the recipe to flawless skin, but also a lot of essential skincare hacks that you want to know!
  • Glass skin, honey skin, cloudless skin and Korea's #skingoals

    Glass skin, honey skin, cloudless skin… These terms all describe the appearance of the skin that Koreans aspire to. What exactly is behind these trends and how can you turn them into your #skingoals - we have the details!
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